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Power rate will not work, leave for an hour every day sit-ups + push-ups leapfrog + + running a sign

JUJU200808082010-04-06 13:10:59 +0000 #1
fleeting time on stream on stream2010-04-06 13:13:19 +0000 #2
because every day instead of daily physical activity persist in large small amount of your one hour leapfrog jump too long and a half hours on the line or else increase the amount of exercise is unhealthy, counter-balanced development exercise should not just rely on leg speed is more than just rely on the strength of the arm you insist on 20 days Oh advantage if results
jamo172010-04-06 13:58:44 +0000 #3
how have to adhere to both be effective on it
Naoki I know2010-04-06 13:42:29 +0000 #4
absolutely remarkable! !

Significant back pain legs pumping by
kexin75222010-04-06 13:37:28 +0000 #5
not significant! But I can stick with it for 20 days you are skeptical. Friends, have a sense that you must understand that, although short-term exercise does have a certain effect, but he could not clear, in particular, the quality is not good for you that the person concerned.

Exercise, especially physical exercise is a long-term adherence, the process of accumulation. Such as: the history exam tomorrow, you may burn the midnight oil mad back the next day may have done quite well; but the test tomorrow, 1,000 meters, you can burn the midnight oil to run a 3-4 back tomorrow to test it? The answer is obvious, so you do not need such a hurry, certainly as long as you can adhere to good effect! ! !

I wish you success



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