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Phoenix hui2010-04-06 13:11:28 +0000 #1
I am now three days of the student, will immediately face the test this year, but PE has always been my weak subjects, I will pull a lot of points, sports, testing a long jump, shot put to vote, 800 m run, such as long jump, should be careful about jumping, how training can improve it more effective, but also cast shot, how hard, recruiters fly farther, what precautions should be practiced running?
Maxin Qing Qing2010-04-06 13:15:58 +0000 #2
crammed the effect is not good attention to detail but also some improvement, said the first shot is a shot of my special addition to strength, the skills are also important, mainly pedal, turn, that is, a foot force, and drive through the waist to shoulder, then shot, kicking a pedal, change is the waist, is the case. There are some small areas of the hand, shot on that now, when the little shot rotation, if the shot is a touch on the dial with your fingers so you can look further afield, so that, shot a 45 degree angle shots, and that you should know it. Long Jump: jumping is easy, not muscle stiffness, so the more muscle a confrontation near, vacated when the attention abdomen, extend the flight time, ground is to lean forward, do not floor the bottom, so you be the end result. 800: thought you would like to not have much time to go out and improve the running, the body to adapt to, so you will not run when the body appeared not meet the excitement and fatigue, and Oh forgive me, I You do not know what kind of physical condition



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