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Who can give me the physical development of a winter training program uh?

High-quality anchor2010-04-06 13:12:13 +0000 #1
High this year, a younger brother, about 170 110 kg, much like training the body, including the waist on the lower extremity strength and power, because the school go on to the field to study, we can only look at the winter vacation spot, which give the development of superior attainment a practical plan can do so, appreciated, and if good, can be appended to the 200 points will do. If you give a demonstration of the video would be great!
Blue Wolf _ White Deer2010-04-06 13:20:53 +0000 #2
Here is my plan worked out for you:

morning: wake up, to do preparatory activities, including activities of the body joints, like the elementary school physical education teacher, as 200 meters of jogging. (Stretching a little exercise)

take a break for breakfast after a meal: push-ups 3 groups to relax the muscles first group second group of 30 25 The third group of 20 muscle relaxation to relax the muscles (upper body muscle group exercises)

Dunqi: Group 3 Ibid (exercise leg muscles)

sit-ups: 3 groups Ibid (abdominal exercises)


the same as the morning and after dinner. Jogging from 400 to 600 meters.

Slept: sit-up 30 times.

Can be modified according to your specific situation, we must insist that after a period of training, you will receive the results.



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