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How to increase the explosive power at the same time increasing muscle circumference (additional poi

4097874082010-04-06 14:11:13 +0000 #1
their so-called bodybuilder muscle and the muscles of NBA basketball players What is the difference? (I know the difference between race) Please give details

I want to like NBA (please specify group number and the relationship between the number of load)
find the footprints of the night2010-04-06 14:22:03 +0000 #2
people a lot ah. I Cougerenao. Ha ha.

First of all, bodybuilders muscle is the main view, also it's all muscle size and lines, so the main bodybuilders are using 8-12RM Wei an action sets, and they have to intake of various hormones and a large number of nutrition, to ensure the growth of muscle and maintain muscle shape to prevent movement caused by prolonged non-decline in muscle latitude. NBA players pay attention to the practicality of the muscles, they are both explosive and endurance training, it can be said that their muscles are very comprehensive, regardless of endurance, toughness, or explosive is superior to ordinary people instantly. NBA Players of the muscle volume than the small number of bodybuilders, but the power is not necessarily small.

First explain the "RM", RM refers to the time of exhausted, did the number of full action, for example, you can use X kg bench press push 8 push for a complete lie ninth on the inability to do a complete action, 8 among non-stop action, this is 8RM. Note that ah is a complete action, generally not the time for completion of the training effort, action will be deformed, will use other muscles to help the target muscle to complete action, this will not only reduce the effect, but also very vulnerable to injuries.

In order to increase the volume, generally use the 8-12RM, the range of the best muscle hypertrophy, fitness athletes and more use of the RM. 1-3RM, is the largest contact forces and muscle size in this range were not significantly increased, and more generally weightlifters use this, because they want to increase the power while controlling the growth of body weight. 15-25RM, is the toughness of muscle exercise, muscle strength increased in order to prevent the so-called stay at the same time into the meat, in training to join such a light load more than the number of links.

Do you want to Nerishige NBA star did it with a 8-12RM, but moves the process, made use of explosive power stage of the process to speed up action in the recovery movement will slow down, remain at about 2 seconds. Such as bench press, lift the barbell upward with explosive force when held fast to its highest point, then slowly down the bar to the chest, keep in mind that when hair force to be fast, slower contraction. This would also increase the explosive power of a balance. Endurance, using a long period of moderate aerobic exercise load, such as the throttle to exercise.
Hidden most2010-04-06 14:27:16 +0000 #3
eat together with the normal testosterone bodybuilding
Yu Mining2010-04-06 14:20:43 +0000 #4
bodybuilding big muscle circumference is a big plus hormone weight training because they got game to watch, no practical; the NBA player's muscle is not only pursuit of circumference, their muscles need strength, endurance and power, so they at the same time the number of large and small weight, less weight and more number of strength training, as well as sprint, cycling, swimming and other aerobic training.

Added, increasing the circumference of a small number = large weight, weight 4-6 times you can do as a standard, once only do 2 groups, so lots of practice on muscle bulk, muscle fiber diameter, strength of large

the other hand, small weight the number is more than clear lines of muscle, endurance strength.
Hyywan3212010-04-06 14:44:07 +0000 #5
bodybuilders are eating out hormone plus exercise training, NBA players are high-intensity physical exercise and high-nutrition (high protein) lots of practice, the most effective exercise is skipping (fast)



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