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Want to push through a scientific approach to practice chest and biceps, not for quick, but to pay a

1 of the Secretary2010-04-06 15:12:12 +0000 #1
I am 21 years old, height 182, weight 65.

Main requirement Q: 1. Pushups specific action on such a wide range or short-range problems.

2. A group of how much a day, a few groups. 3. The time to do better.

(On these three issues, even if the copy, thank you -)

answered accurately, hate, coupled with high scores!
imchunyemen2010-04-06 15:14:22 +0000 #2
arm and shoulder width, and the scapular connection was 45 ° angle, hands flat, twice a day, can be divided into morning and evening or before breakfast twice, a number of force the line, proposed a set of 50, after the sequential increase, no ceiling. While doing push-ups to dumbbell training aid, but the time to do push-ups and split to a little tired suitable, do it one month, then take a day makes, but the days continue to exercise, observe whether there would still finish the effort, If yes, explain the method reached your peak power of exercise, if you want to practice, you need weight-bearing exercise, many ways, found himself one, believe you should be able to get out to explore; if done after the still very tired, then show that you turn out to be not enough, the next step to keep practicing, training intensity constant, time to rest once a week, until the ending was not tired.

I started doing push-ups a year ago, has one and a half, and now my upper body has been very 型 it, and great strength, the method is I year and a half summed up, it would be useful to you. In fact, good for your mind, do push-ups as practicing martial arts, must be sustained, otherwise there will be no harvest.
Chang_chuan2010-04-06 15:49:42 +0000 #3
day five groups each of 30 before going to sleep

absolutely insist month results



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