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Collapsed while running back pain

Coach QQ676751662010-04-07 05:11:39 +0000 #1
my waist is a little collapse (some on both sides of the spine), I am a sports health, peacetime training back pain, so do not be put into effect, difficult to control, usually with masturbation, this is not caused by masturbation. Send a waist bow up when I picture
zhou194811152010-04-07 05:15:55 +0000 #2
masturbation and the relationship between exercise and disease-free, hurry to the hospital for surgery check to determine what caused it, we go the right treatment.
Bang Baby2010-04-07 05:41:33 +0000 #3
Low back pain is on one side or both sides of the waist pain occurred. Women because of menstruation, birth, childbirth, breastfeeding and other physiological characteristics, while there are menstrual, gynecological disease, pregnancy diseases, gynecological diseases and birth control and other miscellaneous pathological features, so back pain is a common disease. After more than 80% of women can produce low back pain occurs, especially during menstruation, pregnancy and postnatal back pain, is often considered to be physical pain, do not need special treatment. In fact, the extent of women's low back pain varies, quite different from clinical pain extends the length of time varies. Therefore, some treatment is necessary, but more importantly, my self-rehabilitation care. Low back pain like non-serious illness, but serious work and life can be affected, the patient pain, and more recurrent, difficult to completely cure. Common cause of low back pain of women in general are the following: abnormal position of the uterus, pelvic inflammatory disease, pelvic tumors, pelvic acidosis, release ring stimulation, nerve compression also caused low back pain; sacral spine ligament relaxation, supportive waist can increase lumbar muscle strain The fatigue low back pain; growth too much, too frequent flow of people, sex life or exogenous wet over evil, also can produce low back pain.

1, and is living: cold wet, low back pain patients should warm women, to keep warm, especially in the winter alpine season, especially to make the waist of warmth. Avoid rain and catch cold, night lying when gales. Avoid long lying wet land, in the alpine season, may be the proper use of electric bedding dispelling the cold and warm. Regular activities waist, can psoas stretch, promoting local muscle blood circulation. So for sedentary, long patient work station, some time about the waist to the appropriate activities to psoas muscle to relieve tension, there is the role of pain relief. If walking in a little room for some of the activities of gymnastics waist. Note significantly increased sexual health back pain during sex should be avoided, in remission, but also adjust the frequency of sex. Note menstrual health, maintain genital cleansing, urinary and reproductive system to avoid infection and reduce the factors that aggravate back pain. Family planning to avoid excessive flow, select the appropriate method of contraception. After the release ring due to low back pain, menstrual disorders, can use other birth control measures to reduce the progression of the disease. Low back pain patients should not be too tight waist and avoid waist because the waist can cause local blood circulation, increase the disease. Some women after childbirth to keep slim waist and the method used is not appropriate, the correct way is to do post-natal health care training, can we achieve key U.S. objectives. To 2, catering recuperating: diet low back pain in general and ordinary people have little difference. But to be taken to avoid excessive consumption of food hygiene Ling cold and dampness, even in the summer, it is not appropriate to drink the frozen drinks. The slippery nature of winter fruits, such as watermelon and it is not too much time eating. For chronic low back pain continued, strong waist can be dressed in uniforms of some Gushen proprietary Chinese medicines, such as Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, kidney pill, Shiquandabu balls can be selected according to appropriate physical and disease. 3, rehabilitation treatment: massage,

(1) palm pressure lumbosacral: prone position, palms overlapping Department lumbar pain on pressure in order not to cause pain for the degree. One breath at a time to do 10-15 times.

(2) rubbing friction back: Outside of work, early morning or bedtime can double palm Rouan friction back muscles, rubbing up and down Mount 50-100 times, while twisting the waist, have medicinal properties, and promote local blood circulation, improve the role of low back pain.

(3) tendons rubbing Results: thumb pulp carefully at the waist and sacral touch, if there is tenderness of the induration, inputs refer to the upper abdominal pressure, knead 1 minute per node.

(4) promote lower extremity: help others, prone position, fixed crotch to palm roots from the sacral started by the hip along the lateral thigh, lateral leg to the other side of the body. 4, Exercise:

(1) leg exercise: supine, legs, hands and hugged the side of the knee, hip flexor as far as possible, so that the thigh front paste tight abdomen, do it 5-10 times, do the other leg; then hands At the same time hold fast to his knees, while doing 5-10 times. 1 night or early morning would be a plus 1.

(2) ups exercise: supine, abdomen sit Lu. Note that can not be used to help upper and lower limbs to keep straight, the number of variable. This exercise may also play a role in reducing abdominal fat.

(3) roll-back exercise: supine, legs buckling to maintain the posture of the body twist in lumps, rolling around 10-20 times. Supine position, with hot wet towel, no water for the degree of pain in the waist and slightly below the Department of sacral, and pile a hot-water bottle, heat for about 10 minutes, and then each side at waist for about 10 minutes. Finally, the supine abdomen with the law. Especially suitable for low back pain during menstruation. Note that temperature is not burn difficult. 5, diet:

(1) kidney or Yang Yao 1 pair, black beans 100 grams, 3 grams of fennel, ginger 9 grams. Were cooked, ate and kidney beans, soup, can eat it. Low back pain for the alpine.

(2) turtle meat 250 grams, 100 grams of walnut. Services were cooked. For chronic low back pain Overexertion.

(3) TL 20 grams, 250 grams of pig. With the soup. General low back pain can eat.

(4) Motherwort 30 grams, egg 2, the same amount of boiling water, cooked eggs, shelled, then boil for 20 minutes, eat eggs Decoction and. 1 day or next day for back pain before and after the increase or accompanied by dysmenorrhea.
A782069112010-04-07 06:28:19 +0000 #4
more medicine



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