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Exercise every day 40RM What?

tired soul2010-04-09 01:11:04 +0000 #1
Number and how did a group of numbers distributed, the number of muscles, how many, how many groups? Exercise power, how many numbers, how many groups? Endurance to the number of numbers, how many groups? I have faint I do 40RM one day be regarded as a set of push-ups .. it. If you can not do 40 on the re-do. until done 40 so far .. 40 is my limit, but how do I exercise have not improve RM. Can I exercise exercise so what? I want to exercise a powerful and practical .. but I heard that muscle strength training muscle exercise should be based on? in the end how to exercise the power it!
troubled soul2010-04-09 01:19:06 +0000 #2
is Endurance
david16092010-04-09 01:18:22 +0000 #3
number is your number one group, such as 40 push-ups

group number is the number of times you repeat, such as push-ups 3 groups is 3 * 40 = 120 push-ups

strength training exercise that muscle, muscle power of big goes up.

for power is generally 3 * 8, which means three groups of eight. 8 refers to the weight you used to do the 8th, when no longer accurate and complete to do the first 9 months of the .

and endurance are generally 3 * 20 small weight repeatedly.
nannan55682010-04-09 02:24:14 +0000 #4
training fitness you start to 40RM amount seems large, but in fact you can according to their physical condition to carry out, such as the beginning half of the exercise by 40RM, progressive cycle Otherwise it is easy to enter the first six months of a plateau (40RM), exercise the power to make it clear you are endurance-based or in explosive-based, these two goals is not the same, the same method is also different, with light weight, endurance, multiple times for the essentials, to stimulate the muscles persistent purpose; but the explosive force is a big weight, group times less for the essentials, to stimulate the muscle force moment made for the purpose. Be noted that the cycle of progressive muscle exercise should not be too hasty, the correct amount of three to four times a week, to a natural recovery time of muscle injury in order to avoid damage, in fact, no matter what kind of training, perseverance is important, as long as adhere to down will have good results.

Muscle is tempered out, muscle is the most "Grateful", and as long as you can adhere to it always a little "excitement", it will be back to repay you 10 times, but if the "three days of fishing, and starts ", the effect will be greatly reduced.

For muscles to rest when 2-3 days after the stimulation without movement, the movement for some time before the effects will gradually subside. If you do not give enough time to add muscle nutrition, muscle can not be taller than the original robust. But the coach reminded the time not too long, the rest to the muscles again with the last exercise capacity as standard, generally takes 2-3 days.
Yhihdx2010-04-09 03:06:48 +0000 #5
"I do 40RM a push-ups every day," it reads, superfluous, and show that you do not really understand the meaning of RM. RM training should be used to describe how the choice of the weight of a degree. Reality is that: the ability to repeat X times the weight. For example the coach said, "the biceps curl muscle to achieve the desired effect, select the 10RM weight." This phrase means that the volume increased to allow faster biceps, curl the weight you choose to do bend held on 10 not lift the weight (the weight is the 10RM weight).

Functional muscle, but also look to do. If you want to move, and certainly the greater muscle mass, absolute power the bigger the better. If it is used for fighting or playing, too much muscle mass is not practical, and affect the flexibility and speed, muscle endurance is not good.

General, if a muscle growth, enhance the absolute power based. Each should choose 10RM weight. Exercise 5-6 group. For example, you start training bench press (do not say you do not know what is the bench press), they should choose you to do each group of up to 8 to 12 times the weight (8 to 12RM), do 5 to 6 group. If the number of times each over 20, is to polish and improve muscular endurance muscular form mainly the.

Specifically say you do push-ups, do a group of 40 supposedly is considered a good result. Certainly increase in the absolute power to some extent, but the effect is not very good. A group to do so many times, mainly to improve muscle endurance based. Do not know if you do not want to breath more than 100 push-ups? If yes. No other good way that is more practice. Pumping a block of time each day, each group do not move you up, do 5 to 6 group.



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