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Children how to train the muscles?

Taiwan rain clouds2010-04-09 01:11:10 +0000 #1
I am now 15 years old, weighing about 100 kilograms, less than Yimi Qi, and there are two 2 kg dumbbell. Because sports is not good, so it will not pull up and push-ups. Programs can only use dumbbells practice your chest, arm muscle, and practice your arm strength. There I have a small pot, do not see the abdominal muscles, abdominal muscles look like out of a training point (sit-ups will be). Ready receive adequate guidance! In addition, younger brother live on campus so because of space, time is limited, hope has a simple, effective, fast solution. Thank you GAO Ren!
liaoliaowaini2010-04-09 01:16:31 +0000 #2
Hello, in principle, 15-year-old friend I do not recommend doing very scale fitness program, as this may affect your development, especially tall, push-ups can not do it does not matter, 100kg does not mean forever You can arrange a 3 to 6 months of aerobic fitness based approach, you will dream, get what you want abdominal muscles of the.

1. Running 4-5 times per week, more than 40 minutes each time, before the race to do warm-up activities, especially in joints, with clothing appropriate amount of suitable clothing.

2, since you are in school, schools with limited, if you can go to the gym to treadmill running, jumping, aerobics, riding a spinning, doing Pilates, in schools, I personally do not propose to play basketball and fierce Football, you can choose, jumping rope, tennis, etc., so that degree of bodily harm on their own would be very small, (I am very happy basketball and football for my pain ---- injuries) 3, push-ups Zuobu Qi can not lie the ground to do, you can use tables, stools do to improve lie high, reducing the difficulty of this has always insisted, and soon, you in the ground to do quickly was 4. dumbbells usefulness, dumbbells, then you can do the following actions: Dumbbell alternating curl, dumbbell-care arms move, dumbbell Shoulder, supine dumbbell birds, supine dumbbell push the chest, dumbbell held before the flat, standing dumbbell birds. . . 5. Muscle device a good thing, can do more, practice a lot of parts, the main train chest with arms, but to pay attention to safety, nothing else. 6. One-third of practicing seven to eat, food is more critical, do not fast to lose weight, eat three meals a day, but eat less refined food. 7. Adhere to adhere to adhere to. Adhere to six months, you will see a new all love. 8. I wish you success, happy every day
jxph0860762010-04-09 01:57:43 +0000 #3
weight 100kg, proposed to do more aerobic exercise, the first reduced fat. Every day to running, insisted playing basketball or football.

Eating, eat something containing fat, eat more carbohydrates, proteins also. Muscle protein is essential for long things. Eat more vegetables, especially spinach, are rich in iron, to help muscle fiber growth.



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