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How to maximize the use of two dumbbells at home

Flower Dance Street West2010-04-09 02:11:06 +0000 #1

baoqi1792010-04-09 02:25:49 +0000 #2
Man, I'd like you to experience it to my strength training, I hope you can help on.

First of all for food, high protein, low-fat enough carbohydrates is essential. The following is a fitness diet plan for your information:

Breakfast 8:00, yogurt or milk 250ml, amount of fruits and vegetables, a cup of oatmeal or three whole wheat bread, eggs 4 (endowment eggs, two proteins)

snacks 10:00, two pieces of bread, a glass of orange juice

Lunch 12:00, staple 150g, red meat 200g, vegetables 200g, fruit and snacks appropriate

14:30, the two proteins, one banana, milk 200ml

Training 16: 00,

18:00 dinner, the staple food 100g, white meat 200g, vegetables 200g, fruit and moderate

high-protein foods such as tofu, milk, pork, beef, fish, and eggs. (Eating egg eating egg white when the proposal)

Here I will briefly outline the dumbbell training action.

Chest: dumbbell bench press, dumbbells, all four groups of birds, push-ups

shoulders: Dumbbell Lateral Raise, train deltoid of beam. After training of deltoid dumbbell bent beam birds, this action does not require too much weight, this part of the small muscle groups.

Biceps: dumbbell curl Triceps: dumbbell bent arm flexion and extension

Back: Dumbbell Row, back is the large muscle groups, using a large weight.

Abdominal muscle: training a number of ways, I feel abdominal board to do sit-ups using more effective. Abdominal training needs of high frequency and high frequency, that is the time to train, do not do the same with the other muscle groups the next day of rest and restoration, right training to the high number of

leg: this part of the muscle with dumbbell training on simple , that is Dunqi.

As the number of each action group, different opinions, some information about the number to the high group, until no longer practice does not continue, but the vast majority of claims within or in the four groups. I was training in the 4-5 group is about. 8-12 times the number in each group. Weight of 8-12RM

I use when abdominal muscles abdominal training boards are usually 50 / group to do 5 groups sometimes do the first group of 100 times. Chest and shoulder training each movement 4-5 group, do not shoulder the weight of too much training.

These are my own personal experience and experience writing, may be one-sided, but you still want help on.

If I need to communicate to Baidu HI



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