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Bold high level how a coach like

sticky Oh, also2010-04-09 02:11:18 +0000 #1
want to go to Bao Li Hao Zhao private coach, we all talk about, ah qualifications, attitudes, ah, level ah
huaning102010-04-09 02:18:56 +0000 #2
Bao Li Hao Olympic stores facilities, all the best, I suggest you go to see

address Nankai Olympic Sports Center (drop)
faint 112010-04-09 02:57:00 +0000 #3
Bao Li Hao private level is high with the industry standard, although I have not had close personal experience, but a good friend that
water philosophical _2010-04-09 02:24:23 +0000 #4
Bao Li Hao coach qualification is certainly no problem, dry the service sector is also very good positive attitude, level I say good, not the same as the coach of each store, but the coach Bao Li levels are high good



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