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Human movement system

good Hibi Children2010-04-09 02:11:25 +0000 #1
This is a biological question
frankzane12010-04-09 02:17:47 +0000 #2
nerve musculoskeletal
Cuige chicken M2010-04-09 02:48:52 +0000 #3
Motion System dense and hard surface of bone, called cortical bone; bone internal honeycomb , called spongy bone; bone in the marrow cavity is called part of the name, the Central is full of marrow. Fetuses and young children are bone marrow red bone marrow, the hematopoietic organs. As we age, long bone marrow cavity of the red marrow is gradually replaced by fat tissue into yellow marrow.

206 human bone pieces into the trunk of their distribution in different parts of the bones, skull and limbs, their shape divided into long bones, short bones, flat bones and irregular bones. The connection between the composition of bone bone. (Such as the rather protect the brain, thorax protection of the heart, lungs, etc..) Muscle across one or more joints, attached to two or two above the bone surface, under the control of the nervous system, muscle contraction, skeletal traction to produce all kinds of sports.

Bone: a total of 206 adult bone, bone and bone connected to become bone, from the pillars of the human body, movement and protection. 206 bones in the skull 23, the trunk of bone 51, the limb 64, and another six in the middle ear ossicles. Limbs, irregular bone bone and gas 5.

Each bone is an organ, may have a certain shape, with a rich nerve and lymphatic vessels. Bone from the bone cells, collagen fibers and bone matrix composition to periosteum or cartilage outside, inside bone marrow.

Motion control system called motor system. Striatum, cerebellum and thalamus ventral anterior nucleus, ventral lateral nucleus to form a system with motor and sensory, motor control of the, known as the Movement system. Motion System also includes the brain motor area (cortical area 4, area 6). Prefrontal brain, feel the contact area is the Hill venue, the brain has fibers projecting to the striatum, cerebellum, striatum, cerebellum obtained from this exercise will be exchanged under this will activate the sample, in the light motor and sensory while the sample is mapped to the brain motor area of the brain for further exchange. When you sure you want to perform this movement will release the sample to the motor area of the brain stem, spinal cord, to the movement organs in motion.

Sports main function is to produce movement, and only a small amount of movement into the sample to light up the hill felt sense of movement a lot more movement in the sample as a control program instructions can not be lit mound sensation. From a certain perspective, the striatum, the brain, the hypothalamus is the three parallel information processing center, one is dealing with campaign information, one is dealing with sensory information, a feeling of information production. The role of motion system

movement system mainly consists of bone, cartilage, joints and skeletal muscle and other components. The main effect from brackets, protective effects and motion effects. Which is the movement of the lever bone, joint is the hub of movement, muscle movement is the driving force.

The body's movement system is strong, solid, perfect, the strength of the human body have a significant impact. For example, the skeleton and muscles support and protect the human body plays a role. It is not only for internal organs such as heart, lung, liver, kidney and brain and spinal cord integrity, growth may be developed in, and to protect the airways make the less susceptible to outside Sun Shang. Bone, cartilage, joints, skeletal muscle is the organ of human motion, bone quality, strong joint connection, flexibility, muscle size and contractile force correct duration, etc., largely determine the ability of the body's movement



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