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How muscle exercises

Asd26290982010-04-09 02:12:06 +0000 #1
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anu5262010-04-09 02:20:51 +0000 #2
chest, triceps:

push-ups, in accordance with the muscle requirements, to control the number of 8 to 12. Divided into the upper chest, middle, lower side; medial, central, lateral.

Chest on the side: on the ramp (the first high-foot low into the body and the ground 30 to 40 degrees)

chest Central: supine (body parallel to the ground)

chest, under side: the next ramp (Trendelenburg body to the ground 30

40 degrees)

chest inside: a narrow range (narrow in the shoulder with both hands supporting the ground) to strengthen training

chest, triceps Central: regular distance (equal to the ground with both hands shoulder support)

chest outside: Wide range (hands wide support surface and shoulder)

One day training program: Lying 3

4 groups of 8 to 12 times; on the ramp 2 to 3 groups of 8 to 12 times; under the ramp 2 to 3 groups of 8 to 12 times . Do not consider the support from the initial stage, with constant distance. Dumbbell (plastic bottles filled with water) birds 3 to 4 groups, each 8 to 12. Also refer to the position triceps dumbbell training.

Latissimus dorsi, biceps, forearm:

One day training program: supine chin-up: (no bar case) the need to bench two in the middle put a wooden stick with both hands shoulder width grip on the wooden counter stick, the ideas focused on the latissimus dorsi and biceps on chest close to the stick force to the body. Appropriate adjustments to the number of control in each group will be 8 to 12 times, 3

4. Hands are holding sticks, wide and narrow distance from each to make 2 to 3 groups of 8 to 12 times. Dumbbell (which can be replaced with plastic bottles filled with water) leaning over rowing 3 to 4 groups of 8 to 12 times. Also refer to the position triceps dumbbell training.

Deltoid, trapezius, abdominals:

One day training program: sit-up position, legs bent 45 °, the body and the thigh into 90 °, feet hooked objects Shuangshoubaotou and seize the heavy, abdominal contraction, the body and ground into 90 °, down to in situ, so that the abdominal muscles always tense. N = 10

12, 3

4. Then do sit from the legs, hands, grasp the handrail, heavy legs tied, the same number, group number. Sideways so the weight of reduced, leaned back muscle exercises can be done. Other motor action training position.

Leg muscle: load slightly changed form, similar posture.

Summary: If the horizontal bar and the dumbbell with the better. Training bar:

bar can do chin-up, arm raised leg, colt, somersault, positive and negative hand bar, hanging upside down get up, and many other sports. Generally trained to the chest, back, abdomen, upper arm, forearm and other parts. Number Ibid.

Dumbbell essential for the fitness equipment, its function can replace a variety of devices, generally a pair of dumbbells to select approximately 60 kg.

Time options:

1, the morning sessions: 30 to 60 minutes before exercise, eat 100 grams of digestible food, a little milk.

2 in the morning hours: one and a half hours after breakfast movement. 3, afternoon session: 2 hours, after lunch or dinner than two hours before the start, 30 to 60 minutes before exercise to eat 100 grams of easily digestible food. 4, the evening hours: one and a half hour after dinner, and the end of the exercise to go to bed an hour away from the outside.

Muscle recovery period of 48 to 72 hours, so before the muscle has not fully recovered to continue training with a muscle there is no effect, on the contrary will affect the training effect. Usually in large muscle exercise with small muscle at the same time to participate in sports, under such circumstances, so long as the muscles involved in exercise training effect the same day is the best. Group number, the number of requests, the large muscle groups 3, 4 and 6 to 10 times, 3 to 4 movements, small muscle groups 2, 3, 8 to 12 times, 2 or 3 moves. Big muscles, including: chest, latissimus dorsi, abdominals, legs. Beginning of training should be appropriate to reduce weight, increase the number. The number of times each exercise is: to be completed once the number of, for example you can do 30 push-ups at one go as a group, each group can only be required to make exhaustive 8 to 12, then need to load in your body , so that you can not do 30 under pressure, can only do 8 to 12. Rests between each doing a 60 to 90 seconds rest interval training for action 2 to 3 minutes, a total dose of 45 to 60 minutes is appropriate, not more than 90 minutes. Need to warm up before exercise, 5 to 10 minutes after exercise 15 to 30 minutes in time added 100 g of food (bread, 1 fat, 1 to 2 egg white).
Sunyu10112010-04-09 02:51:06 +0000 #3
first morning, too early since it did not need to get up at 8, eat breakfast rest 1 hour, 9 o'clock start, stretching muscles before training about 6 to 1 on your head squat group ( warm-up of a group) 15, 1 minute rest between 6

2 push-ups group (warm-up of a group) what you up to 80% -90% frequency, rest one minute between the 3 at home with dumbbells it? Did not buy a pair of adjustable weight. Dumbbell biceps curl exercises, the five groups (warm-up of a group) 12, 1 minute rest between abdominal 4 Volume 6 groups of 15, no warm-up, because the body has been hot, and breaks 1 minute

the first such practice it, because you see little movement is normal, so not too much strength, practicing a month after it came to me, practicing two days rest day

I was training too, but I think also fit for you this is my way of making a very initial training, step by step. Insist

primary student training should be the spirit of work and rest to the main principles of basic training.

Strength training three times a week, after a four strength training aerobic training, the next practice.

First day of the program

chest: flat bench press 6 groups each of 8 - 10 times

push-ups 4 groups each of 10 - 20 times

parallel bars each arm flexion and extension 4 groups 8 - 10 times

Butterfly 4 groups each machine chest clip 8 - 10 times (as a supplementary item)

Back: chin-up 4 groups each group 6 - 8 times

latissimus dorsi muscle chest down 6 groups each group 10 - 12 th

abdomen: sit-ups four groups each of 20

supine leg raise four groups of 20 each day program

shoulder: 6 groups each held upright on 8 - 10 times

Sitting on the move 4-6 Dumbbell each group 8 - 10 times

Dumbbell Lateral Raise 4 groups each of 12-15 times

arm: straight barbell curl 4-6 10-12 times in each group

neck flexion and extension arm of each group, 4-6 group 10 - 12 times

legs: squat 6-8 8-12 times each group of 6 groups each

toes 12-15 times

third day of the program with the first day of the fourth day of the program with the next day

fifth day plan of aerobic training: running 20-30 minutes

stationary bike 10-30 minutes
Angel Exu2010-04-09 02:28:31 +0000 #4
running rope skipping, push-ups, sit-ups, like the four most basic and also most effective, of course, perseverance!



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