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Is there any way, simple and not spend money, and better results for sport, and can reduce the thigh

mybabyisbin2010-04-09 03:12:11 +0000 #1
Is there no way, can very effectively reduce the thighs, arms and waist of fleshy, simple and not spend money, and better results. I am a college students, have not found my way these people ah? Sincere advice. . . . Thank you
LJJ good xianG you ah2010-04-09 03:26:03 +0000 #2
I suggest landlord can climb the stairs, more exercise, usually eat more fruits and vegetables, eating less fleshy. Three meals a day to be on time, I extract a paragraph of text, landlord can look:

by the thigh, then you can try climbing the stairs

There are legs to the wall 30 minutes into the body and the vertical wall like that


another is to pay attention to the promotion of blood circulation, lower body warm

jogging, walking can be, jogging should have to worry about, then become a leg muscle, but still do some stretching exercises good

to legs, it is necessary " fail to food ", eat more vegetables and protein food will help strong leg muscles.

There is knocking on the gallbladder meridian

day of four points in the point of the lateral thigh, hard beat, beat looked counted once per day, knocked about 50 times each leg, which is about the next two hundred. As the thigh muscle and fat are thick, so the necessary force, and about two per second under the rhythm of the bell to be effective to stimulate acupuncture points.

The campaign, mainly to stimulate the gall bladder, bile secretion forced to enhance the absorptive capacity of the human body to provide adequate human hematopoietic system for the material. Knock Gallbladder method stovepipe additional benefits:

As the knock Gallbladder bile can accelerate through the activities, will accumulate in the thigh by the waste discharge lamps, so the campaign will directly outside of the hip and thigh fat reduction, about one to two months will feel his pants bigger. With fatty liver and gallstones people, this method is the simplest and most effective ways to improve health.



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