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Spinning when the foot hurts

Mgm4212010-04-09 04:10:14 +0000 #1
go to the gym riding a bicycle, riding a 10 foot station on the sore, tired and sore, feeling broken bones faster, mount a little hurt. A rest stop and then ride or hurt, take off shoes feel better rubbing force. In fact, I can keep up physically, that is, feet hurt, because I weigh too heavy? Fat and 190 pounds, have no protection, or I simply can not ride.
Curcuma Sean2010-04-09 04:17:34 +0000 #2
not because you're fat, are not you riding method.

Dynamic intensity cycling exercise great bike to master the method.

Cycling, they should be hard heels, not the hard ball of your foot. When riding need not be very hard, it will not feel tired.

As you foot hard, you sit when riding, only the two legs of gravity in the foot, the load is low, they will not hurt, standing up when riding, your body all the gravity concentrate on foot, on all , so would dare to load, and have a pain.

1 for your suggestions. Wear a pair of lightweight breathable shoe, do not wear those very thick shoes, looked pretty useless, brand name it's no use really helps health is the aim.

2. Cyclists time, do keep in mind is hard heels, not the front feet! Nor should Cycling as a bike ride!
Ma Chengyun2010-04-09 04:51:02 +0000 #3
Your objective is to reduce fat, that is for wide health campaign, then on your body cause adverse side effects or implied not you need are hidden injuries are often very scary!

If you want to reduce fat can slow spinning ride, and then go home and forbidden to eat greasy food can be converted into fat, high sugar, high fever, such as food (such as sugar cookies sugar cola juice contains a large number of edible fat cooking, etc. ), you can eat with the appropriate proteins (such as fish, lean beef, lean pork, poultry, etc. but not to eat too much too much will put on weight) are fruits and vegetables, less cooking oil discharge (must be), once Eat more, exercise a day ...

all in vain until the weight down and then standing pedaling! Also be in line with other sports such as dumbbells (small weight 5kg-7.5kg) each of 8 groups of 25 or so to do

Chest (25kg-40kg 6 groups of 20 each) and so combined, so the same muscle groups to avoid fatigue

your feet affect the output of the problem should not be underestimated, we must note, not "hurt even ride," so long down the movement may cause heavy damage!

Have to make a scientific exercise



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