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What major vital capacity of health benefits

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health status of people as possible the greater lung capacity, lung tissue damage, such as tuberculosis, pulmonary fibrosis, atelectasis, or lobectomy can make up to a certain degree, reduced lung capacity; kyphosis, pleural thickening, pleural effusion or pneumothorax, etc., also make limited lung expansion, reduced lung capacity. Therefore, significantly reduced lung capacity is restrictive ventilatory defect performance. As the vital capacity determination method is simple and repetitive, it is commonly used indicators of the health check. Determination of vital capacity breath due to limited speed, and poor ventilation could not be determined respiratory diseases, so a time of spirometry as a dynamic indicator of lung function is better. Inspiratory vital capacity is the maximum time after the fastest with a masterpiece of breath, until the call last. 1,2,3 seconds were recorded while the first end of exhaled gas. Respectively, of their vital capacity should be normal exhaled 83%, 96% and 99%. Pulmonary obstructive pulmonary disease patients often require 5 to 6 seconds or more time to exhale all the vital capacity; respiratory movement restricted in many pathological conditions, increased in 1 sec vital capacity, vital capacity and can advance the Department of calls completely. Therefore, the time can be used as identification of obstructive lung capacity or restrictive ventilatory defect reference.

Vital capacity as the detection of the medical profession has been the first choice of human aging. Vital capacity is a person to do so after the peak expiratory maximal inspiratory airflow volume that is expired. The lung capacity of about 3500 men and 4000 ml; adult woman is about 2500

3000 ml. Lung capacity depends on chest wall expansion and contraction of Kuanshu level.

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