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Little doubt about weight loss exercise

Mito under ghost spirit2010-04-09 04:11:25 +0000 #1
I intend to do push-ups per day by volume and sit-ups, early in the night 3 groups. N = 50. And then increased 5 per day.

Is this good or bad,

or need any warm-up exercises like the other exercises?

, Or that there is no need to run at home in situ? How long is better?
apple trees under the stars2010-04-09 04:15:51 +0000 #2
the method can be, but I suggest you do indoor jump rope, because if you want to lean body, then skipping is the best approach. And will arrange for you, how much am at how much, and soon there is the effectiveness of the. If you ask me to do more good, then I suggest you first jump 210, jumping 70 break, and then three times, you will feel the body itching, and burning of fat. The same afternoon, after the finish can not remember lying down, standing for a while, skipping that one can drink water, but can not rest for too long, like 20-60 seconds. As long as we, you will be able to. Come on! I'm it! Adhere to ah!



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