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Dumbbell exercises for the elderly do?

133813529152010-04-09 05:10:55 +0000 #1

52dewa32010-04-09 05:24:19 +0000 #2
not suitable, dumbbell exercises the power of sports equipment is. When training is anaerobic exercise dumbbell, keep calm and practice hard to be closed. Therefore, only suitable for young people and adults dumbbell exercises. Elderly exercise will cause long-term lung and brain hypoxia. Harmful to health. Determined to diseases of elderly people can not even practiced. Because of anaerobic exercise. Hypoxia can cause the human body. Determined to disease of the elderly may cause brain anoxia practice. Serious life-threatening. So I do not practice for the elderly. If elderly people want to exercise, preferably with aerobic exercise equipment. Such as playing badminton, practicing tai chi, practiced five animal, play table tennis.



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