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Yoga Weight Loss for help, waiting for The skilled guidance

Sweet and sour in the world2010-04-09 05:11:13 +0000 #1
I am more fat, and especially in the legs, but my soft and is very good, as I practice yoga for some time, but I think I finished practice, the effect is not very good, I would like to My friends help out, you can give me some more intermediate or advanced yoga video, yoga master if there can give me pointers about! Thank you for the.
gypsy dance of God2010-04-09 05:17:25 +0000 #2
I also practice yoga, weight is not reduced, but obviously the meat are tightened. Yoga is the way your body weight may not change, but have lost it unconsciously.

Practice yoga must not lazy, maybe you good flexibility, are the standard action better than others, but this is not enough, we must strive to break through their limits, every action is to do the ultimate, a few action down can Chuyishenhan. Also, I think the plastic ball yoga to lose weight more easily than others.

As for the video, which the Internet can easily find a lot of it is important to insist on their own.

To the Department of Special stovepipe, then in bed every night before bed to do it kicking sport bike. If you have a bike, then you can usually ride one more ride, you see those fine legs of racing athletes.



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