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I want to go to the gym, bought a barrel of Amway Nutrilite, this useful?

Zxy8207312010-04-09 12:12:13 +0000 #1
I want to go to the gym, bought a barrel of Amway Nutrilite, this useful? What protein powder you all ah?
Find night footprints2010-04-09 12:15:11 +0000 #2
unless you want to Schwarzenegger, as one trained muscles or you are professional athletes to participate in the competition, does not recommend the purchase of fitness like protein powder supplements.

First of all, the general recommendation to you, such things are fitness coaches, how much they sell are royalty, and secondly, these supplements, including protein powder, more or less contain a number of hormones, these things are for muscle growth certainly help, but the body is brought to health threats such as endocrine disorders, etc., also affect the kidneys healthy boys.

As for Amway, I've been to the United States, Amway is produced in the United States, but Americans never used. He called natural is bluffing, this I learned food engineering students told me, since you bought a barrel, eat, or not be a problem, but do not have to eat, expensive, and bad.

I did in Shanghai a trillion Wade 3 years of private teaching, the students never advised me to buy things such a mess, because the pursuit of short-term muscle growth and destruction of the body, not worth. And fitness can rely on the usual diet to ensure the necessary nutrition muscle growth.

The best or fungi like mushrooms and fish, but because the price of your side, so usually eat beef (cow waist recommended meat, relatively inexpensive, and very low fat content), drink milk, eat eggs ( Do not eat egg yolk, egg yolk contains fat is beneficial to the body), nothing to add points, nuts, attention to nutritional balance is sufficient.
Lyp7452010-04-09 12:53:01 +0000 #3
Nutrilite quality protein powder, amino acid composition is closer to the body with easily absorbed, I have been using a very good



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