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Youth to do the initial number of push-ups a day more appropriate for it?

8234684132010-04-09 13:10:28 +0000 #1
As title, I am 14 years old, every morning and the afternoon to do three sets of push-ups, each 20.

Will not be over it? What will affect the height of what?

If you overdose, that number every day to do it right?
kexin75222010-04-09 13:19:12 +0000 #2
will not affect your normal development, but also promote your The Growth Hormone does. 14-year-old can do so many push-ups every day has been very good, and there is no fixed standard to limit the number of your workout. Even if your physical examination process used by the (National Health Standard) is based on the survey prepared by the vast majority of standards for reference, but you should pay attention to a time when training, whether the elevated heart rate during exercise and you feel uncomfortable ? 2, after training 24 - 36 hours loss of appetite? 3,48 hours after the training, if again you can do so much? If you do not feel it despite the above exercise it, I wish you success!



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