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Fitness Express 2 months, and breast have been there (though there are layers of fat) If you continu

doujianjun882010-04-09 15:11:41 +0000 #1
Nerishige Yen breast look like? - If you insist on half a year, can you outline there Donnie Yen? Please outline the professional or experienced? * Answer is satisfactory, to the high score look
tapuilas2010-04-09 15:27:49 +0000 #2
Fitness particular about one-third of training, seven food. If there are relatively large proportion of fat, you can control the diet by percentage approach. Minimize intake of fat. Adhere to six months, then, certainly not a problem. Pectoral muscles are better training group. If you want fast, like the system itself, you can look great on power, few times. Personal training is the hardest feeling right biceps
k3164215962010-04-09 15:22:02 +0000 #3
I have a lot of students are trainers `` I've seen them practice the process of training is very hard to do a lot of strength training every day `` But the most important thing is practice The process you have to eat 10 egg whites, but also eat beef, chicken, protein powder drink `` `when training can not be confused in the` random training programs and training, such as arm exercises today, tomorrow can not train chest muscle ` `training exercises with the arm chest when your muscles will grow together with fat, each body fat is not the same as` small `and some others with the same thick layer of pig` no `on the kind of small but very nice` That thick layer of fat should eat the food, to train the muscles of `you look good no big hundred pieces a month` I can not train students to participate in bodybuilding competitions are thousands of nutritional supplements `month`, but it is `` professional if you estimate a few hundred pieces to `suggest that you please buy him a set of Individual Education Plan` there are plans to train on their own private teaching Shoubashoujiao `If you please buy a private education on the `` not worth the time must be signed a certificate to teach about `if the Asian private fitness or a certificate in the body times the force` and you will depend on how his body, what other kind of `out of the gym training, instructors are parallel ``



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