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Chongshangyunxiao lxy2010-04-09 20:10:04 +0000 #1
My 12-year-old, 152, not too low, but I want a little higher, although the long, quite quickly, but hope to grow faster, the best quick, and to health, it is better exercise, Do not be like medicine. Thank you, the first here.
ah drink __ Gao B2010-04-09 20:16:44 +0000 #2
how long their children can wishful high

height, depends on several factors, first of all genetic factor, accounting for 70%, also depending on other conditions, including exercise, nutrition, environmental and social factors. In order to let the children grow a little higher, parents should note the following:

1, miss rapid growth of

in children and adolescents during puberty, when the height of the fastest grow it? Study confirmed that most of the Chinese Han sudden increase in peak height of children 12 years old for girls, boys 14 years old; 90% of the fastest growing tall girls aged 11 to 13 years old, boys 13 to 15 years old. In order to grow high number of children, parents with particular attention to children in fast growth of nutrition, exercise and other issues.

2, should pay attention to nutritional supplement

nutrition is key to children's physical growth. Required for normal growth and physical energy, protein and amino acids, must be food supply, mainly meat, eggs, beans and pulses food. Bone formation also requires adequate levels of calcium, phosphorus, and trace amounts of manganese and iron. Insufficient intake of calcium and vitamin D deficiency would result in inadequate bone mineralization, vitamin A deficiency, which puts shorter bone thickening, lack of vitamin C mesenchymal cells will form bone defects crisp, these will affect the growth of bone .

It is generally well-established family in a dirty diet, nutrition should be comprehensive and sufficient quantity, parents should be careful not to let children develop the habit of partial eclipse, but do not let children eat too much snack food and nutrient intake affect the important income.

3, Mo ignore

Sports Exercise can enhance the body metabolism, accelerate blood circulation, promote growth hormone secretion, accelerating bone growth, good for the body grow taller. Higher following exercise on a certain degree, try.

1. Hanging swing using bar or frame, height to the body hanging from the bar, toes just to leave the ground is suitable. Two hand bars, spacing slightly larger than shoulder width, feet close together, then swing around the body, do not increase too much time not too long. Best practice arrangements in each morning, the body sagging as much as possible, to keep 20 seconds, young men should do 10 to 15 times, young women should be done 2 to 6 times.

2. Mogao jump jump with both hands when touching an object set in advance, can be street branches, basketball basket or ceiling. Feet jump, do 30 times. Take a break and left foot were one foot jump, followed. 3. Ball basketball, actively fighting for rebounds, steals jump; playing volleyball jump as far as possible, more smash and block action; in football practice jump over the forehead swing. 4. Skipping exercise can do a single hop between the road, leapfrog, triple jump, multi-hop and Standing Vertical Jump, etc..

4, for the children not forget to create a good living environment

the spirit of the nervous system abnormalities may also affect children's physical growth. If the parents divorced, the relationship between children and guardians are not normal, and often abuse cases, or children from other of serious stimulation, the growth rate will gradually slow down, Shi height in the normal height of children the same age and sex of the lower limit of the following . Children with short stature will increase the physical inferiority, this is because the children suffered psychological and social stimulation, affected the cerebral cortex to hypothalamus nerve impulse transmission, which inhibits pituitary secretion of growth hormone. When children are kind to the environment, the growth rate of return to normal.

5, not forget the positive control

chronic diseases in children and adolescents should be active on the treatment of chronic diseases. Chronic diseases such as chronic infection, chronic hepatitis, chronic nephritis, asthma, heart disease, anemia may affect the growth and development. Genetic bone diseases, such as skeletal dysplasia and other cartilage, also make bone growth restriction to 87 "how to make a child's tall and strong?

"Mom! Are you, my health was so low," one junior Jiaxiang from the primary school has been the first few rows of seats, saw their height and worse the more other students, and angrily complained to her mother.

"Why did you not drink milk, usually do not exercise!" His mother replied snappily.

Children in the growth stage, in addition to parents concerned about their health, but also care about their future is not able to grow tall and strong. Pediatric outpatient health between and on the web site consultation, and often asks to see the parents anxiously: "physician, my child how Zhang Bugao?", "Drink milk with no help?" There are some anxious parents and even four inquire into "higher" remedies, and simply want their children to a few centimeters long.

But some people think, a person's height is genetically determined, nutrition and exercise have not been useful also.

What a person can grow to how high is born to, or rely on work the day after tomorrow?

Is the developing child how to do, have a chance to superior?

The skeletal growth rate of

to see the process of growing gradually in a long high, is the result of bone growth and development, but mainly in the lower limb and spine growth.

Lower limb growth by the growth of the femur and tibia growth plate made. Bone growth plate in both ends of the secretion of growth hormone by the pituitary gland stimulation, will continue to proliferation of cartilage, new cartilage formed by the calcification of bone, bone, and thus became longer and wider.

Birth to 1 year old are the fastest growing children's stage of life, and then slow down the speed gradually until puberty, sexual hormones start and growth hormone interactions, the child's height, weight began to increase rapidly.

National Taiwan University Hospital Department of physician Wang to WONG pointed out that the height of a person's progress to meet the "bone age" (bone growth and development of age) with the assessment, not just look at the general age of the decision. Some precocious children, bone age faster than the actual age at first child the same age than the height seems obvious, but may not be the future adult height will be higher.

We can grow to the height when, depends on body growth plate closure of the circumstances, growth plate, if closed, said the skeleton has matured, bone is no longer growing, tall and will not be further increased.

What factors about a person's height?

Genetic determine your body height

impact children the most important determinants of body height is genetic.

"Parents and children height correlation height up to 80%, parents of half and half," Department of National Taiwan University Hospital physician, said Wang to WONG. So parents if child is not high, the child's height in general is not particularly prominent.

However, the fact that there are exceptions. Yang, construction company serving more than 160 centimeters tall and only wife of the head and not high, but two sons, but had to break the genetic restriction, a height over 180 cm, and the other has more than 170 cm, friends nicknamed it is Yang couples "mutation" masterpiece.

For this special case, Shin Kong Hospital pediatric physician Jing-Sheng Lee noted that the person's height is not the decision by a single specific genes, most of the body while the presence of high genetic and dwarf gene, tall or short, the main Genetic expression is to see which one, "so a family, sometimes see a child grow high, another child is very short of the circumstances," Jing-Sheng Lee explained.

But doctors believe that this gap between parents and children more than ten centimeters tall and more than purely the case of a minority, most of the children's body after the completion of development and parents are still close.

See here, not a lot of tall parents may be disappointed high, since the gene is everything, the day after tomorrow to have any help?

In fact, in addition to genes affect the body's height, and other relevant factors can not be ignored. "If the gene has determined that you can grow to 160 cm, but your malnutrition, lack of exercise, it may not grow this high," Li Chun-hsien to the day after that as very important.

Nutrition and exercise can help people grow taller

growth is one kind of overall performance, in addition to genes in natural limitations, the less number of factors influence a child in the future Yekuai height:

adequate and balanced nutritional intake of nutrients Juedui is to child in the high keys to success.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommendations, want their children to grow tall and strong, essential nutrients including protein, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, magnesium and zinc minerals.

Proteins that form and repair muscle, bone and the parts to the basic material, lack of protein can cause growth retardation, bone and muscle will atrophy. Meat, seafood and milk and other animal food is a complete source of protein from plant sources are beans, grains and nuts class get.

Bone calcium is manufactured raw materials, can promote growth and increase bone density. So, drink two glasses of milk a day, is to make children a good way to accumulate bone mass.

Vitamin D is another nutrient that strong bones, in addition to the milk and salmon, tuna and other fish to get outside, 10 to 15 minutes a day sun drying, the body can manufacture its own vitamin D.

Mineral zinc, especially when the baby developed indispensable nutrients. Dutch study found that if the baby during the development of zinc intake, the results will lead to dysplasia. Also, according to a number of studies have also shown abroad, children of adequate zinc intake can reduce the incidence of diarrhea. Zinc-rich foods are meat, liver, seafood (especially oysters), eggs and wheat germ.

"Iron on the growth and development is also very important," National Taiwan University Hospital dietitian Wenghui Ling added. However, according to Department of Health, National Nutrition Survey found that people over the age of women generally in the 4 cases of iron deficiency, while men are over the age of puberty and 65 iron deficiency is higher. Therefore, these children should eat lean meat, animal liver, egg yolk, or dark green vegetables adequate intake of iron.

▓ Movement

Many people believe that skipping, playing basketball bounce of exercise helps to grow taller, the medical point of view is true.

The study found that growth plate by the excessive pressure will cause growth retardation, but the moderate and intermittent compression or extension of the growth plate, but can stimulate it to grow.

So I want to grow taller children and young people can not do not do sports, especially the bounce of exercise. But excessive weight training, such as gymnastics, weightlifting but will impede growth, doctors recommend that the best growth stage to avoid.

the body in a number of hormonal secretion of hormones led or affect our growth and development, such as growth hormone, sex hormones, thyroid, parathyroid hormone, insulin. Sleep

▓ mentioned earlier, people mainly by the growth of the role of growth hormone, and growth hormone secretion during nocturnal sleep was particularly strong, so I want to grow taller, do not stay up late at the expense of sleep time, as far as 11 pm before bed rest.

congenital heart disease, kidney, lung and liver and other diseases, bone diseases, endocrine and metabolic diseases, chromosomal abnormalities such as Turner syndrome (Turnur syndrome), and affection are the normal growth and development.

Except for a few genetic factors because of the family looked like a small, if malnutrition Zhang Bugao, can rely on nutritional supplements to catch up, but if the disease caused by abnormal growth, it is necessary medical treatment

a lot of immediate early parents How to determine whether the growth of normal children are troubled, and sometimes over-worried, desperate to force children to eat something, or asking around, "increased" the recipe.

Doctor suggested that both parents can be assessed by the child's growth: a height

amount every six months.

Under normal circumstances, children in at least a year before puberty, president of 5 to 6 cm high for more than a year off if a child less than 4 cm long, parents should be with children on the pediatric, please physicians evaluate and learn more about the causes of growth retardation.

Refer to "Child Health Handbook" on the growth curve of the table.

Child's height is lower than the age of 3 percentile are considered pathological short stature, need examination and treatment. However, superior children grow, parents should not get too excited, if the growth curve than with the age of 97 percentile may also belong to unusual, make sure to check.

▓ psychological factors can cause excessive pressure on the body's endocrine dysfunction, so that insufficient growth hormone secretion, growth and therefore restricted. In addition, too much pressure will let the gastrointestinal tract dysfunction, the child is not only a poor appetite with poor absorptive capacity, over time lead to malnutrition, very difficult to grow taller.

Grow tall and strong diet tips

Although the genes of the restrictions we have to "heaven", but doctors and nutritionists agree that aspects from the diet, coupled with regular exercise is the "best staff" the most effective method.

Parents so long as you a few diet tips, want their children to grow taller, long-Zhuang is not difficult.

Keep the principle of a balanced diet.

Children and adults, as every day should be six categories of food intake, parents can refer to the Health Department's Daily Food Guide, to understand the different dietary needs of the child's age. (See table)

adolescent children grow fast, activity also increased, growth and development in order to provide the necessary energy and nutrients, heat demand is high, the boys a day intake of 2150

2650 cards, the girls will need to 2100

2200 card.

Parents set an example not a partial eclipse.

A lot of research indicates that children's eating habits from childhood by their parents most. National Taiwan University Hospital nutritionist Weng Huiling that want their children to grow well, not a partial eclipse is the most basic principle. Parents for their children with three meals a day's dishes, the changes as much as possible to let the children try a variety of food since childhood and more. Variety of food intake, need not worry about the nutrients needed for growth will be lacking.

Not in front of the children make a negative evaluation of food.

For example: "bitter so bitter,You have to eat? "Casually adult sentence will cause the child to establish a specific image on a particular food, the future become an excuse for his refusal to eat. Of course, not to take food as a reward or punishment, the child's tool.

Teach children the concept of a balanced diet.

Most modern double-income families by eating three meals a day to solve, many parents give their children money, let them buy their own lunch. Weng Huiling nutritionists recommend that parents pay more attention to the situation of children on their own eating and encourage children to a number of healthy eating, such as: Eat less fried, fried things, dishes to select a balanced, varied, six categories of food must uptake. "Parents can not control their children's diet, over time easily lead to poor nutritional status of the child," she stressed.

Avoid child gain weight or dieting to lose weight.

Shin journal Pediatrics, Jing-Sheng Lee Zhi Chu, obesity, whose child consuming too much calories, fat and sugar, resulting in bone age progress than the actual age of fast, Although he begins with height of children than other prominent, but because the growing period ahead 而且 is compressed, the future may not be able to grow higher.

Let the child obesity is very simple, as long as the restrictions they eat high-calorie foods such as hamburgers, french fries and the number of times, and drink less sugary drinks, with regular exercise, will not lead to obesity.

Another Weng Huiling nutritionists believe that teenage girls are thin figure of idol, even if normal weight, still desperately dieting to lose weight, not only miss the long high growth opportunities, but also seriously affect adult health.

Growth and Development of fleeting prime time, want their children and strong, quick to grasp opportunities for training in a practice of "healthy" to teach your "secret increased"

bone growth in children and ultimately, the growth of sports and ultimately, the right amount of exercise. Lack of exercise during the day the children of appetite, sleep at night. Findings, very sleepy want to sleep into the morning, could not sleep at night. Do not eat breakfast the morning went to school, spaced a day, lack of exercise a day is obviously a vicious circle.

Movement itself can promote the secretion of growth hormone. It makes sleeping, do not say you know this can promote the secretion of growth hormone. Full body after exercise, can increase appetite, night to sleep. The morning clear-headed and naturally can get up, eat breakfast after popular in well-fed with a good attitude to start a new day.

What kind of exercise is good for the body to grow taller to what should be exercising? Often heard that some children to attend a long high school basketball club, is not able to make the body a long kick down the ball high?

In short, to increase appetite and promote sleep, to a certain degree of bone vertical movement of the long high pressure are useful. Specifically there are jogging, rope skipping, dancing, playing basketball and playing volleyball. But the basketball and volleyball players in the original figure is high that many children, if you just to long high, and provides do not like the children in these sports engage in these sports clouds, you are wrong. Because of the high emotional stability is also important to long, so let your child choose their favorite sport. But the exhaustion of intense exercise, your body has stopped growing or high school students to engage better. The bones to some extent from the vertical pressure, but after strong pressure (weight lifting, etc.) and makes it difficult in the longitudinal growth of bones.

Help to grow taller grow taller exercise is not conducive to the movement

choose a favorite sport as well: volleyball, basketball, ballet, stretching gymnastics, rope skipping, jogging

reluctantly let kids do not like poor sports: weightlifting, excessive exercise, excessive consumption of sports (marathon, etc.). Short stature

how to grow taller stature of the young people, some of the diseases caused by the stature to be taken seriously by doctors, the majority rely on my own efforts to tap the growth potential height. How to dig? In short, doctors and sports under the guidance of workers, changes in diet and lifestyle, and insist on forging a special sport.

On the adjustment of diet and lifestyle, have the following suggestions for reference:

1. Reasonable adjustment diet, not a partial eclipse, not overeating, it is necessary to ensure adequate nutrition, but also the appropriate restraint. Do not smoke, do not drink;

2. Life must have rules, sleep should be sufficient, regular, hard Banchuang the best sleep, the pillow should be lower than 5cm;

3. Draw attention to their health, disease and disease prevention, while early treatment. Read on the stature and height growth of research and books, not read can consult a doctor, to increase knowledge, use science to guide their actions;

4. To maintain physical and mental health, rich cultural life, emotional stability, worry no worry favorable growth and development.

Recent years, the authors report, for 1-2 hours appropriate sports body style in a period of time can significantly increase growth hormone levels, with the increase of blood growth hormone levels, which lead to bone growth zone of living down, thereby increasing height.

Should be taken into account, regardless of physical activity of smaller sports (such as jogging, slow swimming, etc.), or a large amount of exercise activities (such as marathon runners, long distance skiing, etc.) will not increase the height, because the former stimulus, the latter due to it gives the body extremely weak (for example, a thousand times a day to complete the re-bar jump and excessive weight lifting exercises, and even hinder the growth of long bones). Success depends on the correct combination of different exercises.

Some scholars believe that, jumping, hanging heavy, swimming and other sports activities can really promote the long-term height gain. We think: who co-epiphyseal metaphyseal Yu's stature is not children, adolescents, such as doctors believe that short stature is not suffering from the disease, no other medical contraindications, should courageously started to increase height sport specific training. But it is worth mentioning that, training should be gradual, beginning especially not because impatient and make too much and should pay attention to feel, if not, should consult their doctors and physical education teacher.

Help you grow taller upstanding Gymnastics

warm-up exercise: activities of all limbs, joints, maintain a straight back, upper body leaning forward, arms straight back above the wave force.

Go: a substantial swing arm, effectively moving forward.

Run: run slowly, while his fists on shoulders, arms and elbow before the rotation; fast running and jumping 25-50 meters, repeat 4-6 times, each time slightly after the break.

Stretch pull: arms on the move, and then pull to stretch in all directions, while tiptoe heel, repeat 6-8 times, the middle a little rest.

Horizontal bar exercises: hanging (20 seconds, 1 minute), while the body to the right, left turn, feet together; body forward, then swing; clockwise or counterclockwise swing.

Jump pull-up: squat, keeping back straight, jump up, seize the horizontal bar, and use the inertia to do jumping pull-up (bar height and distance varies hold hands). Repeated at least every 6 - 8 times.

Jump: jump up and gradually increase, or to achieve a given height; jump down from a higher place; squat jump. Do 30-60 different positions of the jump, stomp your feet hard. Choose to practice, but we must start to do the required amount, gradually increase the amount of exercise.

Each section should take a break after the parade finished look to breathe a smooth, relaxed limbs. Set of exercise done, lie flat on the floor, back and buttocks muscles taut, slightly back straight.

Practice less than three times per week, 35-45 minutes each time. Persist there must be harvested.

Daily physical activity increased in France

now on the market for the higher number of drugs and equipment, and expensive, but the effect was not so good. In fact, the best way to increase or strengthen the exercise, here are several methods of active exercise increased, young friends try.

Hanging method:

both hands horizontal bar, the body hanging sagging, drooping when to toe to lightly touch the ground better, and then do pull-up action. Boys do every day 10 - 15 times. Girls do every day 2 - 5 times. Exercise essentials are: pull-up when the breath, inhale slowly decline. Exercise done, to move around, relax the muscles. Then be forced to relax the hand clenched fists, hands placed on the chest, then release the finger, then press eyes, mouth, brows stretch and relax the facial muscles, and then lying in bed, back and arm muscles to relax . In short, to learn the maximum force and maximum relaxation.

Hanging method in practice for some time, you can show this on the basis of vertical increment method is to hang for 20 seconds, and then legs each department a 5 kg sandbag, Zai drape 20 seconds; After that, Yong strapped in the horizontal bar, the drape 15 seconds, then put on 10 kg weight of iron ore vest, and then hang for 15 seconds. However, time and weight are not absolute, and may vary.

Jump law:

your feet touch the branches by hand jumping, basketball, ceiling and so on. 10 times as a group, each upward jump 5 - 7 seconds, each separated by 4 - 5 minutes. To try to keep the body at the maximum extension. Also, regularly participates in basketball, volleyball and swimming. Basketball and spike rush must be struggling to jump when actively compete for each high kick. Because the jump is the main training content, so the full jump 200 times a day or so.


stand 20 - 30 meter high hill, the relaxation speed down the run, and then bent over on the floor, helped by the two partners, one partner holding the hands of practitioners and wrist, and the other Diao's legs grip the lower part of training, both at the same time force in the opposite direction, pulling the trunk 2 - 3 times 12 - 15 minutes, repeat 6 - 10 times.

This series of campaigns would help correct short legs, curvature of the spine, flat feet and "O" type legs and other physical defects, to promote bone growth, and adjust the nervous and endocrine functions, and a variety of physiological functions, so that the best state to achieve the higher purpose. Most importantly, we must seriously and adhere to.
Stars flying 902010-04-09 20:30:49 +0000 #3
to my own personal experience to tell you. Playing basketball and running is the best way higher.

In particular, play basketball. Fun, and promote growth. Ha ha.

Positive Solutions. Please adopt Oh - I wish you a long tall



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