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Food supply - what protein powder can cause death without the power of meat? ?

Foxno17772010-04-09 20:10:10 +0000 #1
Listen expert said that now people keep fit, only the pursuit of appearance, Gu consuming large amount of supplies, protein powder or something, cause there are very developed biceps, and chest, and legs that was not back 什么 practice, the ratio is inconsistent ! ! And use a lot of supply (supply what protein powder), and do not extend the warm-up, the appearance of a direct attack on the great weight will cause the death of flesh is not power, what would want to eat hormone? ?

I ask you experts, I would like to have acquired the power explosive, uniform body muscle mass, can lead to dead meat supply it? ?

Thank you! !
waffenssmars2010-04-09 20:13:52 +0000 #2
Bodybuilding is strength than the block header should not need much, so some people will be wandering

But as you say it like training two and chest only absolute is pure rookie, most reflect the level of competition After the action is a double biceps, back

than was actually nothing training can not fail training biceps and chest muscle Yaotuiling

basically no use in sport, mainly lumbar and leg

would like to practice explosive power may refer to the coming health and beauty, just a comparison of the two brothers Yuehansaina training, a long block, a long power, a good reference.

Supplements question personally believe that no problem eating, but the best food to get through, such as beef protein high, and itself with creatine.

However, if a hobby, do not use drugs, safety is too low,

the kind of stiff muscles not only to eat, mainly to improper exercise



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