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What good sports on the waist?

Fan In2010-04-10 04:10:14 +0000 #1

Secretary Walker2010-04-10 04:14:26 +0000 #2
nothing to do some sit-ups

usually drink tea and porridge can medlar medlar very healthy respect for water treatment


There is no side effects to eat animals also good for the liver kidney
Rafael captain2010-04-10 04:47:20 +0000 #3
The simplest exercise is sit-ups, and easy to operate with good results
gj_cg2010-04-10 05:05:59 +0000 #4
abdominal waist, is the focus of Bodybuilding. Abdomen in the body of the most central, is particularly vulnerable to high-profile position. From the perspective of the human body fit, really fit and strong stomach should be thin and clear lines of lumbar and abdominal muscles form. Therefore, please do not ignore the abdomen Bodybuilding. 1, sideways bending movement: vertical. Legs apart, arms held about flat, upper body flexion, with the left hand touch the right foot, right arm naturally on the move, legs and arms are not bent, inhale, and then restore breath. And back to one direction, repeat. Even do 8 times. 2, bent Sports: supine position. Arms around flat ground, legs straight and knees after the same time filed, suction, so that the thigh close to abdomen; and then exhale, slowly restored. Repeat 8 times. 3, leg raise abdomen: mainly the development of lower abdominal muscles. Upper body supine, legs straight and raise as much as possible, and then slow down again. Even after doing this exercise, bend your knees to do the same action. Repeat 8 times. 4, sitting flexion Regiment: mainly the development of the upper and lower abdominal muscles. Straight knee, upper back, keep their balance, then bent abdomen to abdominal flexor extreme discount. Exercise, feet can never touch the ground. 5, "riding a bike" campaign: supine position. Rotation range of motion of the legs, ride a bike imitate the movement, rapid action and flexible, bending and stretching the greatest extent possible. During the 20? 30 seconds. 6, wriggled: a hand grip or pull some heavy weight for a variety of positions wriggled and turned to exercise to exercise external oblique and lower back muscles. Exercised more, everyone can choose depending on your situation, and under the physical conditions Meici up by a small amount of exercise, gradually increase maintain a daily 2 times.



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