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Please help me see my veteran fitness program, where there is no wrong

◇ Liren Festival ◇2010-04-10 07:11:18 +0000 #1
Monday, practicing breast + 2 + abs

Tuesday, practicing back + 3 + abs

Wednesday, shoulder + deltoid + abs

Thursday, aerobics, jogging + legs

Friday, practicing breast + 2 + abs

Saturday, practice back + 3 + abs

Sunday, shoulder + deltoid + abs

I 3 groups to do each movement, a group made 12, before skipping exercise for a warm-up, began to sweat a training exercise before the

eat 2 small bread, Exercise After 2 hours add protein, online to see the big muscles of 48-72 hours of rest, small muscle Qunxiu Xi 24-48 hours, not sure that I not take this order as a place where nothing that is wrong, if a better opinion would like to tell, thanks a
jxdz1201652010-04-10 07:18:54 +0000 #2
3 group too little, not to stimulate the muscles, usually 4 to 6 in each group

the number of not settle down, you start to do more sets of positive, followed by several groups will certainly be less if You each have the same number, can only show that no force in front of you. But the biggest no more than 12, at least not less than 4 to pay attention to eating whole wheat bread, the only nutrition, exercise After half an hour to add protein

your big muscles turn out to be too general a fast muscle training on Monday, one can , and training in practice only a quick one big muscle, you have another practice two chest exercises, the last two are not good

abdominal exercises every day, practicing Daoshi right, but your legs have to separate one day training, which is the largest muscle, had better activities, then practice squat, and then long distance

I suggest that you points 6 days, followed by chest, shoulder + Triangle, 2, back, triceps, legs, rest

a good warm-up with a rope, to Exercise Coordination

If there is something else, ask again

I do not know why do you want to separate the shoulder and the triangle, in fact, the shoulder is the deltoid muscle + fast it Trapezius 2. . .



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