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Parallel bars exercise method

Dream Love wp2010-04-10 10:10:36 +0000 #1
to combine personal experience
Kaiser Lin Na2010-04-10 10:13:05 +0000 #2
Parallel Bar Dip

A, key training areas: mainly the lower pectoralis major muscle, followed by triceps and triangular muscle.

B, the starting position: the best two-pole pitch width of the shoulder, both hands into a straight arm support bar, chest, abdomen, legs straight and close together like relaxation was sagging.

C, action process: breath, elbow bent arm, the body down until the arms bent down to the lowest position, cited the head should be forward, elbows outreach to the full stretch pectoralis major stretch. Then inhale to a sudden contraction of pectoralis major Supporter arms, the body up until arms fully extended; when the level of the upper arm over pole position, hips back slightly reduced, the trunk was "bow Hanxiong" position. Arms straight, the pectoralis major is fully tightened state. Repetition.

D, Training Points: Action to be carried out slowly, not by the body help to complete the entire runout; hold up when the faster, chest, looked up, abdomen, not shrug; to increase training intensity weight-bearing exercise in waist .

Neck before the wide-grip chin-up

A, key training areas: the latissimus dorsi and shoulder muscles.

B, the starting position: arms hanging in the single-pole, two-handed grip from the wide, is the hand rails to ease back the following parts, latissimus dorsi full stretch, both legs bent up.

C, action process: breathing, concentration of latissimus dorsi muscle contraction strength, bent arm pull to the back of the neck on the opening so close to or touching the horizontal bar, pause 2-3 seconds. Then breath in order to control the latissimus dorsi muscle contraction force, to restore the body decline gradually. Repetition.

D, training of key points: Do not move the body during the swing before and after the use of inertia to help; body sag, the scapular to relax. To fully stretch the latissimus dorsi.

Hanging bar flinching and knees posture

starting hands are holding the horizontal bar, the body garment down under the bar. Action process

knees, do leg up to reduce, to the highest point, the total contraction of rectus abdominis muscle for a second. Then slowly drooping calf, until full extension.

Shrink from the calf respiratory method you inhale, exhale when landing.


shrink from the point when the lower leg up to try to raise both knees



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