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Push-ups related to several issues

-Volume just large wooden2010-04-10 10:11:17 +0000 #1
16 years old to do push-ups there are several issues to 1. 4kg sandbags do every day with a group of 50 before the two groups is not very difficult to do now is not easy to finish the first group are particularly vulnerable tired Is Why? Moving backwards?

2. Pushups will hear from time to time with the left arm "pop" sound like something broke the sound. . Still do not know how it is. . 3. One-handed push-ups do? Hands about to do push-ups to what extent you can practice with one hand up?
wlwolf5552010-04-10 10:25:06 +0000 #2
1 you do push-ups every day with 4KG sandbags have been weight training are strongly recommended to give up your age, strength training is not suited to the age of 16 you are still a long body bone age is at No. 2 second growth stage I hope you just only do gold standard of manual training movement not to load that you have to clear

group number and the number of recommended daily NX 5 on behalf of the group meeting method of N 5 is the number of young people each do best the number of training groups do you load a group of 50 4KG 2 groups that you have had considerable power base, but it is easy to muscle fatigue may not have been fully warm-up congestion on the already very tired, as you said the first group finished their Countermeasures are not easy

A, therefore B do 5 push-hand training for each group the message you gave me your strength endurance each day can do 20-25 push-ups 40-60 minutes, the number of 100 to 120 from time to time their grasp to 2 hear the sound of voices from the left arm snapped = left arm, elbow to withstand forces of more than ordinary people do not use the right balance of power is weak when his left hand continued to share the weight of his left hand was weak, often coupled with no warm-up intensity was big (do you also load cattle B) does not sound strange if you are still interested you can search for information

it measures elbow uphold a hand push-ups (when you are finished nearly 10,000 the number of transformation could be considered fancy push-ups or low-weight, weight-bearing exercise) b training before have to do a simple warm-up elbow flexion and extension movements or low push-ups (pin bit lower than the palm) c push-ups do not feel suffocated under the call to the method of absorption rate with oxygen but also to maintain the overall health action entirely adequate supply of oxygen to 3 with one hand push-ups push-ups first general position (2 feet and head were separated isosceles 3:00) as well as failing to take back the waist should be slightly after the contralateral leg while out in order to maintain body balance scale can be very flexible with my sense of balance

arm push-ups out fancy push-ups are not only required more arm strength of thoracic abdominal waist when the trunk is not quite balance the overall strength and endurance push hard to complete the number of bare hands to reach 5000 + (must have comprehensive training in other parts) can be achieved one-handed push-ups

which measures A push-ups while also training in abdominal exercises (sit-ups) back (chin up)

B can start low with one arm push-ups (pin bit lower than the palm) to reduce the degree of difficulty in the table along the edge of the bed to do push-ups

C often insist on their hands is to remind the last 16 years do not support nor oppose the strength training you should be a long body of knowledge we have learned this a long time when you become an adult you would like ye to the land, if ye exercise of passion can not stop it, please keep in mind

fitness exercise is the last word

insisted that self-regulation is definitely not a low trick


break must be stable
chaojizt22010-04-10 10:39:47 +0000 #3
Hello, very happy to answer your questions.

Push the group number and the number is very important and needs to be arranged according to your needs.

If you need to practice your explosive power, you need a small group of numbers, more than a few, fast completion.

If you need to exercise your muscles, then the number should be multiple, small quantity, gradually, to achieve our goal.

To do any exercise, you have to pull out warm-up, otherwise it is very likely to cause ligament or muscle strain, there may be the most serious ligament rupture, or muscle rupture. Whole life Do not try to exercise. So to remind you that your campaign must be a good warm-up before.

One-handed push-ups on your question, I am glad heart to answer. I was actually confused by this question, one is never too late and I mastered one-handed push-ups when students chat Society.

First of all, need your strength. Done within 2 minutes of your 100 push-ups when your strength is sufficient. The power is not needed too.

The second is your balance. To want to do some one-handed push-ups must master the balance, it takes a long time to master.

First of all, do push-ups in the preparatory action, then the legs open and maintain 45 ° angle. Then removed one hand, the body's weight all on your other hand.

Do not move, slowly adapt to balance. Once you really feel the balance down, you can slowly try to one-handed push-ups you had.

Want to help you a favor - thank you



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