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An interesting relationship between fat and athletes

Li1xuechao2010-04-10 12:10:49 +0000 #1
Athletes exercise since exercise is mainly the heart, then, as a fat man with a heart of super ability to cut down weight, the body is not close to it on and the athletes?
ZHANG Cheng-hu zch2010-04-10 12:14:52 +0000 #2
Hey, the idea is novel, but a bit do not fly. First you have to figure out a problem: can not use body size to infer the size of the heart. Robust and cardiac hypertrophy in the heart of it are two different things, players can exercise the cardiac contractility, heart pumping, better heart function and other areas is a real strong. The energy consumption of fat by as much body surface area, but will result in pathological cardiac hypertrophy, cardiac function, even then did not lose weight relative to "enhanced."

So, is the most important exercise. I wish you health.
Oo53532010-04-10 12:20:07 +0000 #3
first say a few words, athletes training, not for the training function of the heart! Cardiac function, and then how to reach a top trained not been broken!

Second, the fat man's heart must not be that good (this should be a professional answer, I do not chipped a), his weight is bigger, the weight of the heart volume is constant. Weight cut off, one is just a normal person's body!



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