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Please skilled are to specify a fitness program

Hide birds ah only2010-04-11 02:11:00 +0000 #1
Age: 18 Weight: 65KG

body: 1.76

Gender: Male

little brother because I wanted a more masculine point. Prepared by point muscle.

Would like to exercise a major part of that arm. Only one pair of dumbbells at home dump. Fill only 9kg

I basically have all-weather time.

Lofty people to develop a fitness program. Including diet, time or something. The more detailed the better. Although I have not that many points, but I am very sincere to ask for advice, I believe that fitness enthusiasts will be glad to give me answers. I absolutely smooth. But not a systematic training program.

Or not!
qq4418620612010-04-11 02:14:53 +0000 #2
get some muscle powder, and then find a physical education teacher or fitness instructor guide you through the training
happy days days2010-04-11 02:20:33 +0000 #3
more than enrich themselves, combining learning and fitness, mood, and exercise like the natural effect .
Fitness SOS2010-04-11 03:14:40 +0000 #4
1.176CM, standard weight should be around 71KG, your weight may increase a little better.

2. Muscle to take in the shortest possible time, to achieve the effect of exercise, then a reasonable supplement. Eating habits to cope with life, can play a multiplier effects.

In addition, because your information is missing, I can not develop a fitness program for you, I may not answer the question a bit, but I have to do is give you a scientific guide the direction, is a large range of guidelines.

An effective fitness program should include 1 / fitness preparatory activities prior to 2 / fitness action and reasonable arrangements, such as mixing a few days rest, the main refining what actions other day.

3 / each action should note, the appropriate picture display and video display, and the number of group number, number, between groups to rest and strength of control.

4 / fitness relax after 5 / fitness diet after the match, one-third Lian, seven food.

6 / life habits with good habits, to develop a good fitness habits.

you look at your exercise program is now used, is not it contains several aspects . an effective fitness program is not on-line copy it into, and a fitness respondents thought not so easy to write a fitness program, fitness program to suit their needs is the most effective. From their various of detailed information on starting, and then formulate a specific plan for fitness, to achieve the multiplier effect.

view of the above, to adjust their plans about it, want to help you. I am not for points, you do not give me all right, just want to use their own knowledge, really do.



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