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The benefits of exercise

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Do not use too many scientific terms have the best video picture
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physical exercise to promote health benefits

Why exercise? Almost every person that is the answer: training healthy. The fact that participation in regular physical exercise will make people stick, feeling cool, energetic, and tasks to complete the work. The greatest effect of physical training to enhance human health is comprehensive, specific performance summarized as follows:

(1) the prevention of cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease is threatening the world today the number one killer of human life. According to reports in the United States every two people who died there will be a cardiovascular disease, died of cardiovascular disease in our country who are top of the list. Numerous studies show that participation in regular physical exercise can significantly reduce the formation and occurrence of cardiovascular disease risk.

(2) improve respiratory function

people breathing during a workout in the process of deepening, will inhale more oxygen, more carbon dioxide emissions, making increased lung capacity, residual volume and decreased lung function increased. Regular exercise, who was feeling strong ability to adapt their breathing become smooth, deep, Yun He, frequency of slow breathing per minute on average 6 to 8 times, but not exercise an average of 12 per minute, respiration 15.

(3) improve the digestive function of

physical exercise will increase the consumption of nutrients in the body, enhance the metabolism of the whole body to enhance appetite. In addition, physical activity will also promote the secretion of gastric peristalsis and digestion, improve liver and pancreas function, so that the functions of the digestive system is improved, and his good health and longevity to provide the material guarantee.

(4) to improve the function of the nervous system

human activities are coordinated under the control of nervous system activity, and exercise of the people (especially the elderly) often appears as a flexible body, paying attention, energy, and it is function of the nervous system robust performance.

(5) reduce the risk of diabetes

One of the characteristics of diabetic blood sugar levels were very high, if the patient does not increase control, but also cause many other health problems, such as vision changes and renal deficiency. Regular physical exercise can control blood sugar levels as improved, so that individuals with diabetes are much less likely.

(6) to prevent osteoporosis fractures

cause fractures, fractures in the crowd of all ages will occur in the elderly (especially elderly women), the more common.

Studies show that regular physical exercise can improve bone density and bone strength of purpose to prevent fractures. Of course, physical exercise for osteoporosis treatment of patients also have a positive effect.

(7) the ability to maintain physical activity

One of the main features of human aging is the gradual decline in body movement, especially after 60 years of age, physical activity is particularly regressive. Chinese proverb: "old training ground, a stick when the sword." Facts show that regular physical exercise can help older slow down the degradation of physical activity.

(8) and changes in body weight control

we all know, too much fat will affect the person's normal physiological function, particularly likely to cause the heart caused by the burden, shortened life expectancy. If a person's subcutaneous fat than the normal standard of 15 to 25%, then his risk of death rate will increase to 30%. As the saying goes: "Long training reinforcement at third, do not practice an inch of flesh." Because physical exercise can reduce fat, increase muscle strength, maintain joint flexibility, it can control weight, improve body shape and appearance.

(9) longevity

As the saying goes: "physical exercise is good, 80 is not old; poor physical activity, 40 long white hair." A large number of studies have shown that regular exercise can prolong life. There is an ongoing 30-year study showed that people who do not exercise regularly than those who exercise 31% chance of premature death. Why, then, regular physical activity does contribute to longevity? Mainly due to regular physical exercise can prevent heart disease and cancer.
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strong resistance
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