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Before going to bed, the location of the problem after a meal of flesh

Sky's Bookworm2010-04-11 06:11:25 +0000 #1
usually like sports, has always insisted push-ups before going to bed, sit-ups, squat like muscles.

Because of their thinner, I got to muscle out profile no longer greater than the starting block, it touches on the more practice the more hard, like the deltoid muscle is not fist big arm, but the die-hard die-hard ... ...

My appetite is not very small , but activity has been exporting more than it is now winter vacation outdoor sports like weight gain a little less, but looks like eating less hyperactivity obvious big belly, then turn out to be a waste of my hard abdominal muscles Rights -

My fertility is wanted in the arm or leg meat long, this practice can continue to become muscle, block can be larger, but not in the case of thin arms bulging months pregnant ... ...

so If bedtime, after a meal should be how to do it, how do practice?
noodles 100S2010-04-11 06:24:33 +0000 #2
human body are genes controlling the problem, if you are really tight muscle type, as estimated in addition to fitness athletes train hard, so excess muscle recovery, pay attention to protein intake , nitrogen pump or the like, the next is hard



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