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Winter outdoor fitness exercise can you?

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Winter is of course a good time to exercise the public health, "Winter training 39" This sentence is a grain of truth. Winter exercise in improving physical fitness, disease prevention have a significant role, especially this season, doing physical exercise also exercise their own stubborn will power. Winter Sports There are many problems need attention.

Best endurance exercise in winter, advocates for endurance sports community projects, that is, aerobic exercise, heart and lung function to exercise to improve their physique. Include long-distance running, vigorous walking, boxing class, exercise classes, ice skating and so on. We are familiar with football, basketball, tennis and ball games are confrontational campaign, vulnerable to physical contact, more prone to injury in the winter.

Site selection is very important in winter outdoor activities should be carried out, because in cold winter, activities and more people in the house, go out often by car, access to sunlight, fresh air is relatively small. Usual indoor venues to choose. For outdoor activities, pay attention to the venue on the ground, as little as possible in the asphalt, stone and other hard surface to conduct exercises. Because of cold winter weather, such ground is more rigid than the summer, on the feet, legs, bones and joints to increase impact, vulnerable to injuries. Therefore, we should try to exercise over the land.

Sunny weather profit health

In the winter, morning, late morning, dark, early, experts suggest, it should be possible after sunrise, sunset, before the exercise. At present, many people have a misunderstanding, that the sooner the better from the morning exercise, in fact, before sunrise, night deposit of impurities in the air, bacteria are floating in the air, will be better after sunrise. In the fog, the air circulation is poor, impurities and bacteria are floating in the air, this time training will be difficult to inhalation of impurities and bacteria, so should be avoided in the fog to exercise.

Regardless of preparatory activities should be sufficient indoor games or outdoor sports, preparatory activities should be well. Because winter venues, equipment and other density increased, the impact on the human body is also increased. Moreover, the winter of human muscle, joint tissue activity decreased, with a certain inertia, thus exercising more to make full preparations of the gradual and orderly progress.

Change clothes to progressive exercise were a lot of misunderstanding, accustomed to wearing casual clothes before exercise, but changes in the sports community advocacy campaign should change clothes, rather than a sudden increase or decrease before and after exercise . Correct approach should be doing exercise in the process of training with the feeling side edge off.

Winter Swimming Winter Swimming skating and heavy security are winter skating training program characteristics, widely welcomed by the people, for the two campaigns, in addition to conventional note, it should pay special attention to security issues.

For the winter swimming enthusiasts, there must be some foundation, step by step, should fall into the water nearly every day since, ongoing training. In addition, to select the location of winter swimming familiar with waterfront situation, if not familiar with the situation of the water and the shore, do not easily into the water, to avoid accidents. The water should pay attention to the water ice, to avoid being stabbed. Also, go hand in hand to look after each other.

For skating fans, because the true compliance Tianjin few natural ice rink, sports do not advocate non-security facilities to the natural lake skating. Should pay attention to go hand in hand in the ice-skating trip, minors must be accompanied by adults. In addition, the skating season to master, in just the cold or quick thawing time, pay attention to the ice hardness, so as to avoid danger.

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can ah
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older not so good, how flexible the not so good vascular , out of the outdoor temperature difference is large, vascular see cold contraction in hypertensive people with adverse



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