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Can fend off the cold with the sole Paitui

morning glory wrapped around a tree I2010-04-11 10:11:02 +0000 #1
is the legs are cold leg pain, then things like beating a sole leg tube regardless of use,
Little White Snake's dream2010-04-11 10:17:01 +0000 #2

similar to the cold hand of course effective to boxing for a hand up in the same warm stimulation to promote blood circulation, but you do not be too strong

But if the legs often feel cold should be cold or too tired and have local ties!

First, I propose the first daily conditioning;

Note that the legs warm, appropriate exercise, not too tired;. Warm foot bath before bedtime can, by

Mount. Avoid long-term sitting. Avoid nervous anxiety; diet eat less greasy, cold products;

pain when you can buy some heat plaster their posts dressing;

Zhu Jiankang answer seriously looking to adopt Oh -



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