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Ask the teacher to help me develop fitness fitness program. Scores reward

cold rattle2010-04-11 10:11:08 +0000 #1
for a long time without movement, and the work of people lost a lot of staying up late, summer is coming and I need a pair of beautiful muscle

last year organized a fitness gym card, can go to the 2 and have not been to, and not love the environment.

I decided to train themselves at home.

I bust 89, waist 78, upper arm muscle

28 cm height 176 cm, weight 59KG

home only a pair of dumbbells, you can adjust the weight of that.

Protein powder, nutritional items home or lot.

I have been a soldier, I can accept overload training intensity, but the force training methods are unscientific.

So once again urge the fitness coach to help me formulate a set of dumbbell training programs

the main train chest muscle groups, trapezius, biceps, abdominal muscles.

Summer, I want to bust they got more than 100.

Asked the teacher to help me in my body to formulate programs to fit, you do not copy here, no need to waste my time.

Satisfactory answer little brother more than 50 minutes to recover.

Thank you

quiet Zhiyuan ‖2010-04-11 10:14:22 +0000 #2
Hello, I am a bodybuilder, for your situation and your goals, I come to you to say that bodybuilding is nutrition ranked first, rest in second place, training at the end of one, of course, I say do not overlook the importance of training. You say your home with proteins powder and nutritional items, I'll give your proposal is the basis of good diet, the daily training and you reach a certain intensity, as well as continuity Zhihou you start taking protein powder, creatine , muscle powder and so on.

For you to ask the training objectives and training environment, I look to you to develop training plans.

First day of the chest: push-ups 4 groups each group 1-2 minutes break between exhaustive. Group 4 birds supine dumbbell bench push-ups narrow 8-12 8-12 3 Group 4 Group supine dumbbell bench press 8-12 months

the next day the second brachial, brachial III: dumbbell curl Group 5 8-12 focused on bending Group held on 4 3 8-12 Dumbbell side group held dumbbell bent arm flexion 8-12 8-12 3 Group 3 Group standing posterior arm flexion and extension exercises 8-12

home conditions are limited, and no to You guide the actions of the specification, I suggest you go to the gym if it conditionally, if there is any doubt could add my QQ 286872719



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