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Exercise students, adults, elderly pulse is about how much

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winter vacation before work on the use of some

yaohui092012010-04-11 12:12:19 +0000 #2
exercise pulse frequency and the level of exercise intensity and training.

General maximal exercise heart rate 200-220 beats / min range, and age-related and not.

moderate-intensity exercise can at 180 beats / min or so. low-intensity exercise are lower.

we can use sports to monitor exercise intensity high and low, such as the number of regular exercise heart rate range in 150-180

pulse of the beat means of superficial arteries. A normal pulse and heart rate are the same. Pulse frequency by age and sex of infant 120-140 times per minute, 90-100 times per minute child care, school-age children, 80-90 times per minute, adults 70-80 times per minute. In addition, exercise and emotional pulse when the enable faster, while rest, sleep is so slow pulse. Adult pulse rate over 100 times per minute, known as tachycardia, less than 60 times per minute, known as bradycardia. There are many clinical diseases, especially heart disease can feel the pulse of change. Therefore, measuring the pulse of the patient is essential in terms of inspection items. Even palpable pulse TCM diagnosis and treatment of disease as the main method. According to the beating of the pulse frequency can understand the health of the heart.

Healthy people in the quiet state, the pulse 64 beats per minute to 76 times the pulse of women than men are faster, more beats per minute on average 5 to 8 times.

Pulse will be as excited, drinking, engaging in physical labor or exercise increased. In sports, the athletes feel the pulse of up to 200 per minute or 200 times or more, and this is completely normal.

Heart of the physical strength to bear the burden of what the test can be used to determine some of the features. For example, in 30 seconds, squat 20 times after the health of people, but lack of exercise, pulse rates up to 110

130; healthy people who exercise regularly, pulse is 90 to 110 times or less again.

How long observation of the pulse back to normal is also important. Health, but the lack of exercise, his pulse returned to normal takes 23 minutes; healthy and regular exercise, his pulse returned to normal need 1 to 1.5 minutes. Return to normal conditions the shorter the time required, indicating the stronger the heart of tolerance.



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