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Beijing fitness coaches training

first put aside2010-04-11 13:12:02 +0000 #1
coaching training in Beijing how to pick the ah there are so many courses are now more popular, what better project ah - Please skilled are pointing ah
job security2010-04-11 13:16:43 +0000 #2
select run-off in China reason!

First: the current contract nearly 10 well-known coach, sets up teacher training, the most powerful team, the most directly bring you the most popular high-end training courses.

Second: the existing seven foreign contract trainers, from time to time to the Institute of guidance, teaching, where students tutor face to face with the international level communication.

Third: has the most complete fitness training system, training programs related to sports nutritionists, fitness courses in nearly 10 kinds of people, and post-illness rehabilitation, sports injuries and other training courses, system, the theory and practice by combining rigorous scientific Jiaoxue .

Fourth: the German system of international certification examination ACD Pilates training is the most high-end system, the most authoritative Pilates training, graduation can have authority in the text of the Anglo-German 3 qualification.

Fifth: an independent 24-hour office and academic training in the field, avoiding the club rented space to the courses of study is not convenient.

Sixth: professional do the training, promote professional quality fitness club is not operating, based on training, brand building and promotion.

Seventh: installment, humanistic management, allowing you to learn fun, Jiaoqian pay the assured.

8th: Shuttle Bus: PAOKE China's foreign commitments, foreign students who went to Beijing were, PAOKE car for full transfer, if you do not worry, we can escort you to any other training institute to visit Beijing to study the specific school where you As long as comprehensive comparison between the field, since the see the outcome.
Mayfair coach2010-04-11 13:56:41 +0000 #3
the current needs of multi-skill coaching gym is now the coach will be a course for their development can not be satisfactory, you can refer to the Allen International, a dozen courses, including the now gym is also free accommodation for all courses



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