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Who taught me to help up to exercise! Next grateful!

despise those who curse2010-04-11 15:12:14 +0000 #1
I 15 years old this year. 8 1 m tall and weighing 65 kilograms physical medium strong

But I'm not satisfied ... I want to exercise your arm muscles in order to enhance their pull strength of the wrist .... my good lung capacity (> <halo! like and explosive related )....

I have a difference of 15 pounds of dumbbells ... and have enough strength to do push-ups and pull-up ...

my dad that I want to .. can not have too much .... I am now three days of exercise intensity in the test immediately to

so .. I can not spend too much time ... which master can only hope teach me how to exercise like the next step ... Thank you can leave QQ
wlwolf5552010-04-11 15:18:28 +0000 #2
Your feelings I said I understood

1 you want to pull the wrist to increase the strength of your mentioned * I have a on each of 15 kilograms dumbbell ... and have enough strength to do push-ups and pull-up * this is totally inadequate for the following reasons:

You state your height 180cm 65KG long lean arm hand wrist big time in Osaka may a short stocky person on the arm there is overwhelming advantage, but also to increase your arm strength through exercise are inferior to this point you need to have a good knowledge of it in training to work harder than the common people have a dumbbell that you pull on the growth wrist strength have little effect if you really want to improve, then the classic blacksmith wrought iron should be used to improve the pull wrist posture movement hammer grip strength (which can be shaped at one end with an ax or Changgun fixed weights) two hand (which hand to practice on to which the other hand on top of) lifted over the shoulder and then raised his head again under the hammer this position on grip strength wrist is now waist forces targeted the whole I do not want too much strong playing (sports fighting The most commonly used training methods) will be used to understand their own sites, but this method has required you can hammer the ground can also be a rubber cushion to increase strength is to increase the weight of hammer to 2 your dad was right You just do not be too high exercise intensity of 15-year-old is still in its early development for the juvenile should be doing fitness exercise training does not support the opposition should not focus on learning knowledge we have learned this is the goal at this stage since the exercise enthusiastically 3 high so can not spend too much time to put exercise time on a half-hour before going to bed one to be completed (taking into account or else you may be able to devote their time going to night classes at 1 hour after dinner)

sum under step continue to adhere to hand training (push-ups pull-up) for you to improve the pull strength of the wrist watch or wait a minute I pull the opponent's elbow or more influential blacksmith wrought iron for me to improve the competitive strength of postural movement may be for you, fist push-ups more difficult then to 15 kg dumbbell can be used for any upper extremity joint flexion and extension

to do push-ups pull-up and other proposed cycle way N x 5

N the number of five representatives of each day's exercise on behalf of the largest group of numbers

40-60 minutes of attention to their diet every day to sleep rest
South millions of soldiers without mercy2010-04-11 15:59:11 +0000 #3
If you want a long tall. Do not carry out intensive fitness.

If you do not want long. Then go to the gym. Because you have only one pair of dumbbells. Is not enough. (Only two muscular not a monster that a)



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