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Adidas and Jet Li, who co-launched weapons program ex is with great music

angel4501178862010-04-11 18:10:39 +0000 #1
full is more than an hour passed I thank
smkaoziji2010-04-11 18:27:07 +0000 #2
so.youku. com / search_video / q_% E9% 98% BF% E8% BF% AA% E8% BE% BE% E6% 96% AF% E5% 92% 8C% E6% 9D% 8E% E8% BF% 9E% E6% 9D% B0% E5% 90% 88% E4% BD% 9C% E6% 8E% A8% E5% 87% BA% E7% 9A% 84% E6% AD% A6% E6% 9E% 81% E8% AF% BE% E7% A8% 8B

This is the video you want to address

Oh Oh, do not forget to add points



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