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cs5235113142010-04-11 18:11:15 +0000 #1
my thigh fat heard some movement on the stovepipe yoga helpful, expert advice should be how to do some yoga, the more detailed the better
Guo Mo Ruo2010-04-11 18:23:58 +0000 #2
Well, I am also belong to the thigh what kind of a thick, Ok Ju-hyun to lose weight now practice yoga, you can try, and inside its activity specifically by stout legs, you can see below, in Youku available online, downloaded, Mei Tian follow the practice , you will slowly find their own temperament and body is changing, oh, yes, still, yoga is not one or two days will lose weight, you must adhere to

Here is the text of the Ok Ju-hyun to lose weight Yoga

b] & fasting do best

if eaten, it is best done after two hours

This is no moment in the effort can get, in order to perfect their own blood and tears as the efforts to pay. there is no short to form a miracle, continuous effort, your body type to create for you.

Now, with the beautiful agreed to do 40 minutes of yoga every day, now in the middle must not give up Oh!

1, start practicing now to expand vital capacity, to provide adequate blood oxygen breathing method.

Front toes with heels firmly affixed together, can not have gaps. Knee can not have gaps. So, tighten thigh muscles and knees are tight, straight of. Do not backward Alice chest, tighten sphincter, tighten the stomach. Back straight, hands forward vertical nature.

Now breathing. Inhale for 5 seconds, exhale for 5 seconds. Inhale for 5 seconds, exhale for 5 seconds. To do this breathing, shut up, with nose breathing. Air through the throat, through the throat, deep breath, then exhale. Natural forward line of sight to look at the direction of 45 degrees. Inhale fresh air, a clean heart and brain are. Like feeling the warmth of the air temperature, the flow of the body from the palm of the hand. Spare no pains, all call out. The body a little hot, right? ^ _ ^

For position to do so to greater heat body posture (mountain pose):

2 arms stretched to the sky, give, hand-eye look at the end. Things to note at this time, the neck should not Push gently to backward. In this position, press the previous method, deep breathing 10 times. At this point, the legs and buttocks Push as close to tighten lower abdomen, the breath, breathing in the last minute, active abdominal blood to the abdomen slender. Stretch the spine, the body warming. To fully breathe, from the hand to the heel end, feel the greatest tension. Long, stretching the spine. This position, need to feel the sense of the body. Focus on breathing is very important. Head backward breathing, shortness of breath sounds will be some, but it is not wrong. To have feelings into the air from the throat, nose and the wind is not only because of respiratory sounds from the nose. Done this ten times, the body will feel more than just the heat. Hot, right? ^ _ ^

2, now standing to do yoga, this is the extension muscles of the half position.

First of all, before the toes and heels together all the paste. Thighs, knees, hips all the tightening, stand up straight.

Hands to heaven, his hands Huwo, two arm close to ear. Inspiratory breath to the right, then inhale exhale to the left.

Now stand up straight, and then stretch the body, deep breathing. Breath, push the left hip. To maintain this position for 30 seconds. This half bent leg posture can be corrected. Exercise muscles, helps the body form a beautiful muscles.

Three, two, one, breath to the center. Once again, deep breath breath left for 30 seconds. This position will help to stimulate cardiac function. Prevent constipation and promote digestion. To tighten the sphincter, and then force the knees.

Three, two, one in the middle stand up straight.

Now relax the arm. Neck to 45 degrees backward, like swaying to the shoulder on both sides of the jaw. Better now, right?

Delves deep sky move. Inspiratory breath back, inhale forward, then exhale down. Get up, do not start with the waist up, from the hands, neck, spine, order up. Then tightly to his ear, palm completely close.

Inspiratory breath back, for 30 seconds. The backward of time, the maximum pelvis pushed forward. Firmly tighten the sphincter. Power with the hips and waist support. If breathing is difficult at this time would put pressure on the brain, do not be too excessive.

Stand up straight, inhale exhale down. Heel with both hands for 30 seconds. This is the knee straight, with arms held fast to the lower leg. Face closely as possible legs. This action stretched the waist and thigh rear. Walk more often, help to eliminate fatigue. Stand straight, release the posture. Relax and breathe easy three.

3, the next action is the chair position. This chair is like sitting in a transparent chair position. Is very difficult moves is also very good for shaping the action.

First legs open, to accommodate the extent of two fists. Before and after to keep straight, must not be distorted inwards or outwards. Arm stretched forward and then, while breathing, while pushed back waist. To the state, while breath, while sitting down, just like sitting in a transparent chair, knees at 90 degrees. Knees to the toes in front. Shoulders do not too hard, down to relax. seems to stretch the neck and shoulders feel. and then the toes curled. now is the penalty action. I am hip, shoulder, thigh cellulite is disappearing, was trembling. To adhere for 30 seconds. Hips move forward more and more shows over the fat. Body focused on the heel, hips do not sag, knees and do not sag. Later on drawing a little tired when tightening the abdomen. Legs were shaking, trembling of the legs now. The distance between the knee must not be reduced. Knees and feet to maintain straight posture. Three, two, one, slowly stand up straight. Relax and breathe easy 3.

Next step is to bow posture. Bow pose will help shape the hips curve, there legs curve, and the body's balance is very good action. Although very tired, but be patient, stick with it, then the body will create a beautiful curve. First left hand to his ear to heaven, and right hand side on the ribs. Lift the right foot with right hand grasp the medial ankle. Slowly move legs to the sky. This is not the first time bend the body, lift your legs as much as possible. When using a mirror to see, raise your knees are not out to look inside the passage. Are carried up, slowly bend the body for 30 seconds. This action will remove the back and waist side of the fat, build small and tight on the hips is very effective. Great need to focus on strength and balance to the body weight evenly distributed to all feet. To stretch forward with the hard right hand, looking far sight. Fixed-point monitoring is important in somewhere. All concentrate on posture. Three, two, one, stand up straight.

Now do the opposite action. First right hand to his ear to heaven. Left on the right hand side 90 degrees. Lift left foot, bare foot with the left hand inside. From the mirror to see, to try to see the knee. Open the body, hiding behind the knee. As I pulled up to the sky like legs. Starting from the heel held high above his head to see the heel from the time, slowly bend the upper body, seek greater flexibility. For 30 seconds. Sudden bending the knee may be dangerous, which will be the right knee stand up straighter. This action is a difficult movement, in order to perfect a long time. Can not insist on people not to Tai Mianqiang start to slightly raise the status of the knee, concentrate on. Three, two, one, relax and breathe easy 3.

4, the next action is the eagle pose. On the lower body is very strong, more obese people are very effective. Will see every day more and more slender legs effect.

First suction arms to heaven. Breath when the right hand at the bottom left hand on the top screw from. Upright arm, buttocks pushed back. Like sitting in a chair like a transparent temporary sit a while. Raise your right leg on his left leg. Then just tighten the screw the same clothes. Lower body fat in the hope that a little twisted even tighter. Can be screwed into the heel of one twist to the heel, can not have been able to foot big toe gently on the ground like this. Can best be screwed to the end for 30 seconds. Tighten arm who can not be hands on his shoulder, the same as the grip. The shoulders down pressure, and maintained. However, in order to be able to be more screwed tighter, it insisted. Three, two, one, relax and breathe easy 3.

Next is the opposite. Hip later, sit down. Raise left leg, please fixation. Also, really wanted to cut the legs of fat people, how hard in the leg tightened. Shoulders press down for 30 seconds. This action makes the shoulder and shoulder muscles after active, relax tense shoulder muscles, tighten the body, is also useful during physiological benefits. Shoulder muscles are sore, legs shaking instead. Please hold on for a while. Three, two, one, relax and breathe easy 3.

5, the next action is the triangle posture. This triangular position on the correct body posture is very effective. Most tired, and sweat will get the most out of. First with the left and right legs and hands open to 120 centimeters. Fully open his right foot out 90 degrees. 10 degrees inside the left foot to. Now inhale exhale, bend your knees 90 degrees. Knee no more than feet, to maintain 90 degrees. Better to use mirrors to confirm. Hips do next, want to move to tighten. Arm, as far as possible like it was stretched in tension. Put down right now, on his knees inside the arm, held his arm to try to stretch the sky move. Sight to see the root of the hand. Adhere to 25 seconds.

Now if the pelvis outward, even though feel better, but to no avail. Want to move to tighten, the abdominal pressure, and then further in contraction. To the state to insist on for a while. Three, two, one, first hand back in situ, stretches his legs. Now the right foot inward 10 degrees, left foot out 90 degrees. Inspiratory breath the same way, the left knee 90 degrees, pelvis forward as far as possible to tighten. Now put down the left body. Look to the sky view, adhere to 25 seconds. This action should be to keep the upper body and ground into a 45 degree angle. Beginners do not Taimian Jiang, not to arms, but hands on his knees slightly bent body. Adhere to 25 seconds. Three, two, one, little by little, to within the contract.

6, the next one is the tree pose. Create a beautiful tree position on the leg curve and pelvis is very beautiful effect. First to seize the right leg, left leg and knee in the straightened state. Breathe in and out when the right knee back down. The right hand on his chest, you can, will be left and right hands clasped together in the chest. Thumb staggered slowly to heaven. Adhere to 40 seconds. People who do bad this action can be placed on the inner thighs, legs, palms clasped together up high. This action is also difficult to find people who can be inside of leg on his knees. Adhere to 40 seconds. Three, two, one, and slowly his hand moved to his chest, relaxing posture. This is the opposite action. Left foot with both hands to push the knee back down, left and right in the chest, palms together, cross the thumb, and slowly move up higher, persist 40 seconds. To the left knee pushed back, pelvis move forward until more effective. If the current tight inner thighs, then state your position is on the right. This action can repair injuries to the pelvis, and beautify the shape of pelvis. Because of the need a lot of concentration, lack of concentration on the ordinary people will also greatly benefit. Adhere to 40 seconds. Three, two, one, and slowly relaxed posture, stand up straight. Relax and breathe easy 3.

7, knees to do the action now. The next is to create a beautiful breast shape and beautiful shoulders very helpful action. Before kneeling down, between the two fists on the knees so that open to 15 centimeters, to completely close the space between the feet on the ground. Hands on hips. Note that the thumb is very important in the. Starting from the abdomen, head is the last, and slowly go backward. Beginners will head up, and it is so stop. Flexibility, good people, the first is also backward, both hands on the soles of the feet, the weight placed on the pelvis. Adhere to 25 seconds. This movement can stimulate the internal abdominal organs, the spine of the whole exercise. People on low back pain is a good move. Also, sports shoulder muscles, creating a beautiful curve of the shoulder. Adhere to 25 seconds. Three, two, one to restore. Hands on the waist slowly lifting the upper body. Relax and breathe easy 3.

8, the next action is the rabbit posture. Rabbit position, as you know, narrow face, detoxification, reducing the abdomen, is very helpful for women's health movement. Before doing this action, a lot of people who sweat the sweat first clean the chest. Otherwise, the sweat will flow down along the eye. With both hands firmly grasp the heel, thoracic upright, arms and shoulders to pushed back. Now, the jaw close to the neck, looking at the navel down, will be posted on the knee down his forehead, the body into a round shape. For 30 seconds. Adhere to weight on the front of the forehead close to the knee who can not be on his knees in front of the forehead on the ground, practice many times, then, will the forehead knee, work hard to do. This action, full of oxygen to the brain and the full activity of brain cells. Make a clear mind, enhance facial muscles sag. Three, two, one to restore. Relax and breathe easy 3.

9, the next action is the cat pose. Cat posture contraction Xiaodu Zi. Anchored to the navel, the navel following Xiaodu Zi, make this part of the tightening of the waist curve on the shape pretty helpful. Please work with me to do. Open the first lap and shoulder width, hands are open to the shoulder width, hands stretched forward as possible. Body into the shape, is fully prepared to complete the action. Legs from the knees, waist and press down as far as possible, raise the hips to the sky. At this time, the lower back will feel tight. Breathing in this state, when under pressure breathing, the breath when mentioned. As has become a cat, the maximum improvement. Under the maximum pressure to see the sky. This action, along with breathing to do together. Repeatedly 3 times. Inspiratory breath a raise. Inspiratory breath under the pressure. Inspiratory breath once again put on the back as round, right? Inspiratory breath under the pressure, inspiratory breath a raise. Hips do not later, to round up commission. Inspiratory breath to the pressure recovery. This time, hands stretched forward as possible. This time, take position for 30 seconds. First jaw on the floor, chest on the ground slowly. At this time, chest and shoulders can not be affixed to the ground, people, do not Taimian Jiang pressure with body weight. Breath whenAttached to the chest slowly down the ground. This action can stimulate the visceral organs, prevent constipation, increase in spine stretch, fatigue is very beneficial to eliminate the hip action. Three, two, one to restore. Sit relax and breathe easy 3.

10, the following is the Cobra movement. Supine. Cobra action to increase the muscle below the spine, hips curve, there are hip, abdominal stretch, the action of these helpful. Start with the heel to the buttocks, abdomen, closely force, hand on chest slightly lower place. Fingers are all open to increase the ground force. Arm close to the body sides, and now use the following spinal muscles, improve upper body. Inspiratory breath body lift. 45 degree line of sight to the sky to see. Adhere to 25 seconds. Then, tighten the buttocks, the legs close, and then force the heels. This action corrected the shoulders and back, bending forward, beautify the legs and buttocks curve, is very effective against low back pain patients, and strengthen the waist. Three, two, one to restore.

Under the action of a cobra, the same position with the same place, only all the straight arm action Cobra. Breathe in and lift body, slowly lift your upper body, eyes looking to the sky. Adhere to 25 seconds. At this time, not the shoulder up, do not bend the back, shoulders down as far as possible pressure, chest pushed forward. Now, below the waist and back, buttocks felt the stimulus. Then firmly tighten the pelvis, and then force a little. Three, two, one, slowly down. Then

the action, shaping beautiful legs and buttocks very effective. Jaw on the front, legs bent, both hands grasp the ankle. Inhale exhale, the navel attached to the ground, will be put on the body and legs as far as possible, so that the formation of bow-shaped body. Adhere to 20 seconds. At this time, need to pay attention to things, do not get too out of knee extension. Between the big toe can contact distance. As much attention to his knees, wide shoulders is a good corrective action effectiveness. Three, two, one to restore. Slowly relax.

11, the infant position. Up, kneeling to Wat, bending the upper body, knees and forehead on the ground. Hands at your sides, palms heavenward. Relax body tension, feel relaxed spine. Comfortable breathing, rest 40 seconds. The baby position, because to do would be to relax the back tension caused by Cobra movement. Relax and breathe easy. This action will maximize the flexibility to adjust the strength of the body. Relaxed breathing, relaxed posture, relaxed state of mind. To maintain this state.

12, to tighten the pelvic movements. Most modern women when sitting 翘起二郎腿, causing most of the pelvis are asymmetric. So many people hip asymmetry, especially the hips extended out of people. Intention to do this move, will create close to back, tight hips Alice. First on the left leg below his right leg bent on top. Knee in a straight line. Now, the hand grasp the middle part of the foot, deep breath. Expiratory side of the down side bent down, hands and arms to keep the angle of 90 degrees. Now, it seems to chin on knees. For 30 seconds. At this time, the hips off the ground on either side can not. Inhale exhale, the body weight on the pelvis. Try to relax the neck. Pelvic pain it will gradually. The more pain, indicating larger the distortion of your pelvis. Three, two, one, starting from the jaw, chin up, bring the body.

Next, reverse overlap legs, both hands grasp the middle part of the foot, slowly bend down. Flexion when the knee to feel the jaw and overlap each other a sense, between the knee to the jaw inserted. For 30 seconds. To his left leg between the thigh and the stomach to completely close, the upper body and then bending down, the action, especially from a health child and pelvic Kuo Tai woman, there are women on the legs bend very effective, I strongly recommended action. Please carefully done. When done on both sides, to make bad or inconvenient to do on the side to do more carefully. Before a correct pelvic greater effect. Three, two, one to restore. Relax and breathe easy 3.

13, reversing the spine movement. Corrective action to reverse the reverse of the spinal vertebrae, on the shoulders, waist curves and cellulite elimination of the role. Especially when the underwear, some women have armpit fat on the triangle. This action can eliminate the triangular fat, on the treatment of constipation is very effective action. First bend the left leg, put forward, right leg and heel on the left side of his left knee, locking. Are posted on both sides of the buttocks to the ground. Raised his left hand, put up the right leg on the knee after the reverse side. Beginners will feel difficult, so seize the hip here, good people to seize the knee flexibility, better people to seize the right leg bare feet the better. Inspiratory breath right hand, the side turned on the back side, the spine should be straight, not curved. In the straight state inspiratory breath for 30 seconds. Sight to see the back. Then some people will tilt the hip side, the more so, the more efforts on both sides of the buttocks close to the ground. Three, two, one, it gradually recovered.

Now, on the other side should also reversed. This is to hold the right hand down, knees and hand joints overlap, the people can do on his knees, flexibility and better person, please grab hold of his left leg bare feet. Inhale exhale reverse the body for 30 seconds. From the front, the shoulders can not bend to a straight line. Left and right, there will be while doing good, do not do well on the way to give up because, to do the bad side of the note is a curved spine, so we must strive to achieve the correct results.

14, breathing action. Breathing provides more oxygen to the brain will make the brain more clearly, to maintain lung health, and help bowel function, breathing is very healthy. Men on the kneeling posture be inconvenienced, so we adopt this posture. Women can be bent kneeling, his hands gently on his knees above. Start breathing. Inspiratory time to the maximum expansion of the abdomen, expiratory abdominal and back to maximum tightening. Nose inhale, exhale through your mouth, and voice together, breathe out completely. Mind may feel dizzy, faint, because the sudden injection of large amount of air, like blowing balloon, will produce the feeling of dizziness, which is normal, do not worry. Now speed up, hurry up to do. Implementation 50. Then, stomach tightening and swelling, breathing and breath, not be confused. The last to call out a long, stroking his stomach with both hands, swallowed accumulated saliva in the mouth, continue to organize breathing.

15, and now, all the movements are over. Comfortable to lie down to rest. Hands on both sides of the sky, keep abreast with both feet. Felt through the palms, the warm air into the body. Eyes closed rest, feel the body from the heel to the head of energy. Feel the energy will feel the breath. Breathing, the chest is a cool feeling. Breath, the chest is a comfortable feeling. In this sense, repeated breathing. Feel the gentle energy, the body will relax. Feel physically comfortable, feel comfortable breathing, your heart will feel calm and serene. All action all over, waiting for results now!


to do yoga to lose weight, in order to concentrate lose abdominal fat, but only do belly move, the body will lack tired, to no avail. In order to do from the beginning, the body was not difficult. Fat on the body will disappear. So, please order carefully done.

This is Ok Ju-hyun Youku online weight loss Yoga
sophie20042010-04-11 18:22:57 +0000 #3
I am a little fat thighs, thigh reduction is not difficult, as the station type 2 family action will reduce the world thigh, yoga will lose weight, but should adhere to. . .



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