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1500 meter long-distance running training

★ Hill № bit ★2010-04-12 01:10:31 +0000 #1
Games, there are still a month's time to start, the teacher certainly let me run 1500, usually do not like to exercise, how do? I 140, sixth grade, girls, mention training methods, game approach, the best things to eat, Thank you for the!
yzr9047916842010-04-12 01:20:30 +0000 #2
Hello, I'm third-year middle, boys, I also attended the school's Sports Day, I was running 1,000 meters, and usually how I do not exercise, to match the first 2 weeks, I started running every afternoon after school to the playground and 1000 meters (I am not a plastic track school playground), so stick with it.

Race started, I tried to run, although not ranking, but I am happy, after all, best,

I suggest you run a race these days, many were skipping or leapfrogging or high leg lift, which you run it helpful.




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