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People who do not exercise regularly

M OoO Ghost2010-04-12 01:10:38 +0000 #1
frequently at home, is sitting at home, and then have no movement. Foot nothing. Suddenly one out (walk very far). That hurts and the. Feet are not very flexible. Where feet are knee pain, do not describe this feeling out. Heard of bone spurs, but not by needle. But little of this feeling. Also like to go a little bit longer. After this, I think it is a long time because no movement, then I am on the run, exercises. Found to be a little better. I ran about two days, will not run. But after a few days, I found that feeling again. Knee pain. I do not know why. I am 14 years old, because is a long high, causing the problem? Or because they do not exercise regularly? Or a calcium deficiency? Or what reason?
gaoyiwen1112010-04-12 01:25:28 +0000 #2
No exercise is the main reason for the lack of movement of people `` `tight` muscle movement so long people do not even doing small actions will have the feeling of overload of today's standard of living .. have higher calcium deficiency situation is rare `pay more attention to the morning cup of soy milk diet is the main source of nutrition a day Eat more vegetables! If you are fat people, then I suggest you walk half an hour after a meal walk a very thin, then if you finish eating, I suggest you find a place to lie flat for half an hour! Finally, the law of life is try not to sleep at night staying up late `` is the most exhausting!

Last wish you good health!
Breaking Le Love2010-04-12 01:25:32 +0000 #3
to learn tai chi, exercise the following morning, we should adhere to it, not in fits, and starts as useless.
Wtlxiangxifu2010-04-12 01:47:08 +0000 #4
children you are not feeling pain pain ah is normal if you do not always exercise a little exercise will produce the most points, the phenomenon of muscle fatigue and pain appeared with the words of the troops is the fatigue after a period of fatigue have your physical modest increase in physical activity if you so big you will have a significant increase in live What good now I think you should not calcium is so small you do not exercise now will face many problems later such as obesity, high blood pressure later etc. Finally I wish you good learning



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