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Stovepipe what you want to buy fitness equipment

slightly sweet and sour fish _0072010-04-12 03:10:44 +0000 #1
exercise bike to buy a home exercise their leg muscles will lead to more? The price of general spinning wow ````` have heard how much weight loss with spinning better, but looks like they have the effect of exercise in the gym! My height is 166, weight 120! Hope that we can help Geigejianyi `````
Ding Cheng Yu-xi2010-04-12 03:13:21 +0000 #2
I used to lose weight in the weight loss center, the other bike is a necessary thing every day.

It is by the speed really fast legs, I lean in the three months from 170 to 146.

Was the high school is no longer a weight loss of!

Our health club coach asked me buying a bike, they sell 1200.

I want to buy cheap in many parts of the north.

In fact, cyclists will not increase too much muscle, his biggest to the practical leg of the fat. And to lose weight with the best complete bike riding to do some leg after the best equipment or massage the legs and a half hours. In this way the meat can not let the legs into the leg muscles can make you not loose skin.

In fact, diminished a bit this way too much money. And a friend is not suitable for poor health (high blood pressure, heart disease, etc.). Practicing at home, feeling no fitness center atmosphere.

General by the leg is:

1 Rope (more than half an hour) to 2 toes bottom (back straight) 3 lay down his legs lifting mount car moves (maximum leg stretched out, toes Bengzhi )

I wish you a weight loss success! ! !
Fbqayy2010-04-12 03:36:20 +0000 #3
do not try so hard, every night to his lap and wrapped with plastic wrap, coated inside some of the best remodeling cream, then Tang Chuangshang, raised his legs kicking bike ride action for a month will have a significant effect We practice together all quarters too! ! I wish you success! !



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