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If you want to do the best abdominal training exercise?

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how to train a beautiful abs!

Sit-ups, of course is the first choice for abdominal training.

But, how do the most is the effect?

If you are fat, I mean if you have a thick layer of abdominal fat.

You must take aerobic exercise training-style approach.

Start jogging. 10 minutes.

Lie down and do sit-ups.

And then get up immediately to do dash. Persist for more than 30 seconds.

And then immediately lie down and do sit-ups.

Re-up, do jogging 3 minutes.

Then lie down.

Re-up dash.

Super tired of this training method. Few people can adhere to a month attached.

But those who stick with it. Giant abdominal muscles are cool!

If you own is very thin. It simple.

My approach is to fit the book

forget what method of training the abdominal muscles and the group number.

Uphold every day to do. Abdominal muscles every day, do feel a burning sensation, sweating forehead up.

Standard is, when you stop, you have to do a hard look at Bayao Straighten posture to relieve abdominal cramps.

Adhere to two weeks, your abdominal muscles on the specific type of.

In that sit-ups in the new approach.

Traditional hair do is press the feet of others under the buttocks, legs bent, hands on your head, you use elbows touch knees.

In fact, this method can only feed the position of abdominal exercises. Xiao Duzi And how also how kind.

Training the lower abdomen to lie down, put his hands on both sides of the body. Leg lift.

Do not lift 90 degrees. Carry into more than 45 degrees will do.

Repeatedly do. Xiao Duzi disappeared.

Again, I "ups" do not do complete this action. Made segmented.


1, the first from the ground, back off the ground. Stop up to half action.

2, the body completely off the ground. Elbows touch the knees. 3, the body down, but do not touch the ground. Stop in the action of the half. 4, the body completely down. Preparing the next action.

Over the four steps for one. 8 is a group (more than you, you would usually do not. Tired lot, actually!).

Effect of super-ruthless.

How to train the abdominal muscles abdominal fitness body in the most central, is particularly vulnerable to high-profile position. From the perspective of the human body fit, really fit and strong stomach should be thin and clear lines of lumbar and abdominal muscles form. Therefore, please do not ignore the abdomen Bodybuilding.

1, sideways bending movement upright. Legs apart, arms held about level, the upper body flexion, enough with the left hand to right foot, right arm naturally on the move, legs and arms are not bent, inhale, and then restore breath. Direction and back to repeat, even to do 8 times.

2, supine exercise with bent knees. Arms around flat ground, legs straight and knees after the same time filed, suction, so that the thigh close to abdomen, then exhale slowly restored. Repeat 8 times.

3, leg raise exercise abdomen mainly under the abdominal muscles. Upper body supine, legs straight and raise as much as possible, followed by slow down. The exercise done, knees bent to do the same action. Repeat 8 times.

4, sitting supine body flexor group mainly exercise the upper and lower abdominal muscles. Legs straight, upper back, to maintain body balance, then bent abdomen to abdominal flexor extreme discount. Exercise, your feet can never touch the ground or the bed.

5, "riding a bike" exercise supine position. Rotation range of motion of the legs, imitating the movement riding a bike, fast and flexible actions, flexion and extension range to as large as possible. Lasted 20-30 seconds.

6, wriggled a hand grip or pull some heavy weight for a variety of positions wriggled and turned to exercise to exercise external oblique and lower back muscles.

Or more sports, everyone can choose according to their own circumstances and, based on physical strength for each exercise in ascending order, and gradually increase to 2 times a day.

How to quickly train a sexy wave of the abdominal muscles more and more popular

movement, but must be in the gym to train the abdominal muscles it? The answer is: not. Of course, you can train a professional gym Perfect abs, but not in the gym and can be trained out of beautiful abdominal muscles. This time we will introduce you to some action, so you can train the abdominal muscles at home; and we also divided the action of three classes: Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced. You have different choices. In the absence of introduction before the first coach to remind you of some important things and ideas:

1. Take a few minutes before exercise to do some warm-up.

2. Do not irritable, muscle training, action, the more the true effect of the more obvious, and the action is indeed better than hastily done to the effective. 3. Body fat and more people have to do first cardio exercise such as jogging, swimming, riding a bicycle. Four to five times a week to do cardio exercise, and the time to do cardio exercise must be more than 40 minutes. If you do resistance training alone is no use, because you muscles are trained to cover the fat. 4. Body fat and more people after 9 pm Do not eat as much as possible. 5. Uptake of food, as less food starch such as rice, pasta, bread ... and so on, to lean meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and sweet fruits were less to replace. 6. Exercise forced expiratory, inspiratory contrary. 7. To do the abdominal muscles, the lower back muscles antagonistic muscles, lower back problems so people must see a doctor, do abdominal training must be within their means, when the lower back discomfort should stop. 8. Also it is important: endurance + determination + perseverance

Are you ready?

Take a few minutes a day, according to the different levels have to do three sets of each class, I believe that soon, you will have a perfect abdominal muscles of each. Introduction

A 1. Infrarenal Reverse Crunches reverse body

paper back under the force: Low risk

body lying ground, hands flat at your sides, for the stability of the body, feet, knees about 90 degrees to the merger. Movement, force up the lower abdomen hips, knees as close as possible to your chest, then slowly return to starting point. Repeat 15-20 times lower.

2. Flanks Broom Twists flanks twist

lower back stress: low-risk

legs open and shoulder width, knees slightly curved, his hands open on the Chang Gun on. Rotate upper body exercise is about 80 degrees, then slowly back is to the right spin. Repeats, while the under 25.

Note: The lower back and spine problems who do not too much rotation, there is not rotating position when the lower body moved. 3. Abdominal Crunches: Touch Knee Body

touch paper under the back of the knee by the force: Low risk

upper flat, knees at about 60-90 degrees into the hands placed on his knees. Movement, with the upper epigastric hard drive, then palms will move slightly forward, as long as upper quadrant can feel hard, and then slowly come back, do not let touch to the shoulder. Repeat 15-20 times lower. 4. Compound movement upper abdominal and lower abdominal Elbows to Knees

lower back stress: Risk

upper body lying in his hands near your ear, your feet off the ground more than 90 degrees flexion, the greater the angle the more difficult. Exercise, abdominal pressure, pushing the body and legs inward, elbows as close as possible to the knee, slowly return to starting point, feet do not put down, shoulders do not touch ground. Repeat 12-15 times lower.

B in order to 5. Infrarenal Leg Raises SS for

lower back by force: high-risk

body lying ground, put his hands on the buttocks on both sides of the following legs straight merger. Movement, abdominal force your feet, knees slightly bent can not be completely straight, this time into a body of about 90-100 degrees. Back, slowly down, heels can not touch ground. Repetitions under 12. 6. Flanks Side Jackknife

lower back stress: low-risk

body left lying on his side in a straight line, his left hand placed on the right flanks, the left leg bent about 90 degrees, right hand on the ear, right foot straight. Movement with the upper body and right flanks to drive while moving inward and then slowly return to starting point, feet do not touch ground. Repetitions under 12.

Note: Do not only the first turn, let the upper shoulders off the ground as possible. 7. Abdominal Crunches Knee Bent Volume abdominal body "knees"

lower back stress: low-risk

upper flat, knees at about 60-90 degrees, both hands placed on the ear. Movement, led upper body strength with the upper abdomen, thigh, knee to elbow as close as possible, and then slowly back, shoulders do not touch ground. Repeat 12-15 times lower. 8. Compound action upper abdomen, lower abdomen, flanks Bicycles air bike

lower back stress: Risk

upper body lying in his hands near your ear, feet, knees off the ground at about 90 degrees. Movement, with the whole abdominal pull, twist upper body, lower body like the bike as close as possible with the right elbow, left knee, right leg straight as possible, and then change sides, the left elbow, right knee as close as possible. Repetitions under 12.

NOTE: Action can not be too fast.


9 Advanced. Infrarenal Hip Raise hips move

lower back stress: Risk

body lying in the ground, hands flat at your sides, for the stability of the body, feet and body combined elevation of about 90 degrees . Movement, the lower abdomen on the hard drive held the hips, buttocks off the ground to allow the focus fell on the shoulders, then slowly return to starting point, the hips do not touch ground. Repetitions of 10-12. 10. Flanks Side Leg Raises: Both Legs contralateral side lift legs back under the force

This action is a low-risk flanks Side Jackknife extending from the top out, the same upper body position, lower body, legs straight. Legs and upper body movement while inward elevation, and then slowly return to starting point, feet do not touch ground. Repetitions under 12.

Note: Do not only the first change, to try to leave the ground upper shoulders.

11. Epigastric Toe Touches Body

touch paper under the back foot force: the risk

upper flat, his hands stretched around and approximately 90 degrees to the body; feet and body combined elevation of about about 90 degrees. Movement, abdominal force pushing the body to maximize the hands that close to the toes, then slowly come back, shoulders do not touch the ground. Repetitions under 12. 12. Compound action upper abdomen, lower abdomen Jackknife (V-ups)

lower back by force: high-risk

body lying down hands and feet all straight. Movement, hands and feet while moving to the center, then slowly lay down, feet do not touch ground. Repetitions under 12.
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