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How to exercise muscles?

sia37192982010-04-13 01:11:44 +0000 #1
I need is a detailed exercise method to increase the strength, beauty exercise, do not go to the gym. You greatly, help out, thank you
Dream Adventures of more than priority Slovakia2010-04-13 01:18:53 +0000 #2
There are many ways, the following specific landlord can refer to these modalities, the early realization of the dream wish landlord .1: The best way to train the abdominal muscles or the supine ups, each doing 100-200 a ,20-30 as a group, do at least 5 groups depends on the specific personal circumstances. Appropriate weight can increase the points, holding a dumbbell or discus what, on the back of the head, better. 2: push-ups can also exercise the abdominal muscles. Remember when fitness must not be tired one-time, should we do before there are results, the general is about 100 per do, at least divided into 5 groups, specifically to see their own situation. 3: grasping at high levels, the body vertically hanging, waist up lift force, so that the legs and upper body 90 degrees, your body will not shake, do not force other places, but also groups do. 4: If you have more abdominal fat, should adhere to aerobic exercise, running is very effective, can lose excess fat, muscles and better show up. Training and abdominal and other muscles not the same, may continue to stimulate it, and so must each be exhausted in order to achieve the desired effect, the middle interval of the best in a minute or so. Do about 6 groups. 2 diet may focus on strengthen the high protein and high fat. After half an hour of each exercise to 1 hour is the peak of protein intake. attention to eat high-protein food. I had a little stomach fat, then adhere to the one-year in the gym Now the muscles can not say very good, but still looks very clear, and he is confident, I hope you gain something. Breast: supine choose to do with a dumbbell, supine birds (Note: must be adjustable dumbbell weight. That you practice over time, muscle increased rapidly, but the body has a strong adaptability to exercise in the 6 Then, if you reuse the same weight, then the muscle will grow very slowly, or even no growth.) dumbbell supine birds. Rally to clamp the chest, these movements are exercises on the chest muscles. you have to develop training plans, can not Light exercises chest muscle, other muscles have to practice. abdominals: V Word 2 from. (every day practice, every time a train 4 groups of 10 each month to increase the number of training]
bill747474742010-04-13 01:26:47 +0000 #3
daily to do 30 push-ups and 30 sit 30 squat body to stand for all three groups, in my experience, carry on, without any equipment, but also training very strong!



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