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tempo treadmill is not that Joe Hill

windowsdlb2010-04-13 02:10:20 +0000 #1
play tempok many treadmill running machine, said Johnson, but Qiaoshan Ying alphabet, and this not the same, do not know a brand or a manufacturer of two brands, so are two brands that the legitimate right
qiang2895465032010-04-13 02:25:14 +0000 #2
Hello! I am a pre consultant Joe Hill. I'll help you answer.

Tempo is Joe Hill, Joe Hill group under the six major series of brands, should now is seven, as Johnson's massage chairs are fast market it! They are


(VISION HORIZON high-end home)

(TEMPO TERO low-end home)

(KYOYAMA massage chair)

you can rest assured that any of the store in the company's direct sales distributor or purchase!

Joe Hill Renyi Jian body quality equipment can be said to be world class in many gym, hotel, sports center ````` have used. Joe Hill in the near future will become the world's largest fitness equipment company, of course, the growth of Johnson also need your support and our efforts!



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