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Inverted triangle figure out how to practice professional to

xu5508002010-04-13 02:11:24 +0000 #1
First, I 176 pounds, only 110, so I am thin .... on training chest muscle, breast muscle should first practice, which part?? On the beam or lower beam?? The mat position to do push-ups with high standards, both hands should be less than the distance between the shoulder it? Dont eat eggs, some say only eat protein, eat egg yolks, right? and said milk to skim, will not you?? refused to turn posts to support the Hand, a professional big brother to the above questions answered, and give recommendations
Game Ren room2010-04-13 02:20:11 +0000 #2
whether that piece of muscle, most likely to turn out, turn out to be the most worthy are starting with the beginning of beam, such as shoulder, back.

you first use the standard position to do push-ups can be, hands shoulder width, or slightly more than shoulder.

Egg white is more protein-containing foods, eat more egg yolk cholesterol, so are said to eat egg white. However, eating a few eggs a day is possible. Best to drink skim milk, is increased to avoid fat, but you say your weight is very light, so no need to drink skim, and whole milk are all right, you mainly weight gain, further increase in weight, while increasing muscle! ! !

Eggs, milk, cereal, chicken, fish, rice, etc. (various staple food) have to eat more.

Push-ups, pull-up, sit-ups, Dunqi (or squatting jump), both into your exercise program is better, basically the whole body they got. (Favorable to the emergence inverted triangle)

Key is the push-ups and chin-up, training period, there effect, refueling



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