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Indoor exercise to lose weight

Tokgo bound2010-04-13 03:10:14 +0000 #1
I am in the office, but because of time can not be morning run in the evening because are simply no time to walk 24 hours a day have 12 or even 17-hour front of the computer so Mei Tian up in the morning only in the room to do exercise but I do not do really want to go out running, ah, what can be done in the indoor sports? restrictions can not be skipping my room, it will affect others, so do other so ups only have deep respect and useful? how much do have a role to play, I was very fat man's stomach had exceeded the. we must begin if it is not too late .. Come on you can not remedy, and detail, I just The best way to consume food movement and I also can not guarantee to adjust because I eat in the canteen ..
zbqq2012010-04-13 03:23:58 +0000 #2
1. neck movement: straddle stand, before the first song, back, reset, left turn, turn right, to surround, left surround, circle to do 4 times.

2. Around the arm: sub-leg standing on the arms move forward circling 4 laps, 4 laps circling back and do 2.

3. Chest: Standing Legs, arms, chest vibration level after song, show after arm vibration, so 4 times.

4. Transfected Sports: All about 4 times, so 2 groups.

5. Body before the song: 8.

6. Body loop: to the waist axis, left and right around a week, do 2.

7. Kick: before and after 10, so 2 groups.

8. Before the lunge leg pressing: about 4 times each, so 2 groups.

9. Leg pressing side: left and right 4 times, so 2 groups.

10. Squatting rose :12-20.

11. Turn around the wrist and feet: all 12.

12. 8-15 sit-ups, 3 sets.

13. Pushups :8-12, do 2 groups.

14. Relaxing activity 3 minutes.

Each exercise time should be mastered in 40-60 minutes.

A good idea to weigh weight weight, weight-loss process once every 2 weeks that observed changes in body weight. If body weight changed little and no sense of fatigue may be increased frequency of exercise and group number. And take part in more outdoor sports, such as: jogging, hiking, biking, playing badminton, bowling, dance Mian, and swimming.

Only sustained weight loss exercise to achieve weight loss, if in fits, and starts it is impossible to achieve weight loss purposes. At the same time her body weight should determine the appropriate exercise intensity, the beginning of a slight physical fatigue is normal. There should be proper control of a food in order to obtain good results. As long as there is determination, perseverance and attention in the scientific method of weight loss process, we will be able to reduce the fat, get fit and shape. A trend of people gain weight, start from now on, sports bar, Mo to be "crammed."



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