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Whether morning exercise and learn well than later?

KK century2010-04-13 04:10:02 +0000 #1
I want to ask the body section of practice time? I was at training the body section, and less sleep time, wake up feeling tired the next day! Is not a morning practice in paragraph A body than good evening? Training section of the body at will? ? ?
persistent _1112010-04-13 04:18:12 +0000 #2
From the perspective of physical activity, exercise, preferably 3-9 points in the afternoon or evening may be extended to 10 points is required. Sports experts Zhao recent CCTV Heart "Healthy Way" program, also referred to exercise time 3 pm - 9:00 the best. The habit of morning exercise is just one problem, from the exercise time and exercise quality exercise at the time did not look good.

From your perspective the next morning wake up feeling tired, it may be caused by lack of sleep may also be excessive total daily movement caused. Indeed, the total number of sports as appropriate, and there are no fixed standards, but above all physically tired the next day is the principle. The long term, through the campaign more time to exercise, workout to the highest standards body comfort.

Exercise time, exercise volume and intensity of exercise a day, three issues need attention.
7 Sun Hongjiang2010-04-13 04:48:59 +0000 #3
If conditions allow, of course is when the evening is better, it is not enough time in the morning is also a good choice, the best to eat before morning workout like a few cookies, not fasting Sports
Andrew Lu2010-04-13 04:55:22 +0000 #4
after exercise as production of lactic acid accumulation in muscle soreness immediately to sleep on the train will be difficult to reduce excessive if the process of training the morning after the beating relaxation can ease or eat meat but be sure to practice at night can ease hot bath, beat is also very effective I think than the morning air Good night (morning air is best)
1371309992010-04-13 04:21:56 +0000 #5
I want to say good morning morning because of respiration of plants at night, to consume oxygen in the morning air is carbon dioxide.

Evening before the bright light at the same time when the plants have photosynthesis, respiration of oxygen produced more than carbon dioxide emissions. Bad air.

Advise you to exercise it, or the evening.



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