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How to exercise the deltoid muscle

8577957012010-04-13 04:10:26 +0000 #1
no equipment nor what so many of the leisure time to recommend some more convenient method of exercise first thing Thank you
natural natural dog2010-04-13 04:14:41 +0000 #2
1, 1 biceps. Alternating Curl: The main training brachial biceps, biceps isolated. Action: sitting (or standing), both hands hanging on the lateral dumbbell, palm relative, elbows by your sides. To the elbow as the fulcrum, curl up, and forearm supination the palm facing up, move to the highest point of tightening biceps, pause, and then control the reduction. Rotation to do. 2. Alternating Curl: The main train biceps muscle peak. Action: standing, upper body the natural flexion, dumbbell in one hand, hanging in front of body, arm or leg posted by ipsilateral knee. The other hand bent ipsilateral knee or leg, stabilize the body. Dumbbell curl arm up to the highest point so that the contraction of the biceps to the limits, pause, and then recover slowly. 3. Scoliosis quote: The main training brachialis and forearm muscles. Action: sitting (or standing), holding dumbbells in each hand hanging at the sides of body, palm relative, close lateral upper arm, elbow as the fulcrum, forced upward curl to the highest point, pause, and then recover slowly. Tip: arms may also be done, there can be alternate to do. Second, triceps 1. Posterior arm flexion and extension: The main training triceps. Action: sitting (or standing), two-hand dumbbell at one end in the back of the neck at the top, palm forward, upper arm fixed to the elbow as the fulcrum to do bent arm extension. Tip: arms may also be done, there can be alternate to do. 2. Bent arm flexion and extension: The main training the upper triceps. Action: bent, feet before and after the opening into a lunge with one hand and knee stability and body support front legs and another holding dumbbells, upper arms close to sides of body. Triceps forced back to the top of outriggers forearm parallel to the ground, so that the limit triceps contraction, pause, and then recover slowly. And after exercise to add protein to make the injured muscle fibers are fully restored. Finally I wish you exercise success! ! Deltoid deltoid by the huge build up full The wide shoulders, is super important part of physical fitness are essential. Therefore, do not attempt to easily build your physique, unless you learn how to train it. Note that the first elements of participants judge that their deltoid, usually bodybuilders is their first impressions The wide shoulders. Wide shoulders make more perfect physique, and a lack of the deltoid muscle just destroyed this perfect. Therefore, the training can not let things slide on the deltoid, deltoid training should seriously learn, and even the nuances of movement. Any attempt to cover up a bad part of the way, will make your way forward, encounter many problems. I hope that we can address this problem, and then focus on the improvement to achieve the level of training, then your success will be inevitable. Let us begin to explain the deltoid classical training, and note that the training rule. Rule 1: Before the deltoid muscle in your training, please find out their structure. Posterior deltoid from the former composed of three beams, training must not only train the shoulder of a muscle bundle, do not focus on the former, Side, after the shoulder of the different reps. Rule 2: Lateral Raise Dumbbell elected and is the focus of the training content, training in the beginning of my shoulder two actions: a movement with dumbbells elected Lateral Raise. Pushing all deltoid muscle stimulating action, to change, creating generous shoulders. Dumbbell Lateral Raise development side beam, to increase the shoulder width, enhanced visual effects. Slender with broad shoulders, upper body can form a beautiful "V" shape. Rule 3: The Pyramid training rule to stimulate lateral deltoid muscle bundles. Four years ago the day I walk outside in the gym, thinking why they did not Nerishige imaginary shoulder, and genetic factors allow me to get a championship level of physical characteristic of the shoulder. After much deliberation, I thought I missed in training some valuable things, so that the shoulder can not be widened. So I decided to use the pyramid to the development side of the beam rules to see if there will be changes. Using this rule for two weeks, I was pleasantly surprised to find that wider shoulders, thicker, and improved a lot. I finally broke through the barriers to using this training method, and achieved great success. I used to do 25 times 30 pounds Dumbbell Lateral Raise, 40 pounds to do 15 times 10 times 50 pounds, 60 pounds 8 times to do. And then lay it in this order until the 30 pounds 25 times. To do two loops, not exercise any rest. Rule 4: Do not ignore the trapezius and the deltoid muscle after the beam. Symmetry in the fitness training is essential, you need to create a coordination symmetry of the physique, not have some part of the body more important than other parts of the idea. Training in the deltoid, trapezius and deltoid required with the deltoid muscle after the beam and the beam before the beam to match. Therefore recommended that you bend down and upright rowing birds include your shoulder training program. Rule 5: Do not ignore the joint, otherwise it will lead to injuries. Shoulder is the risk of training injuries one of the regions. Even if you do the movements with the correct position, if the weight was too heavy, there will be risk of injury. Therefore, two sets of formal training to do before the warm-up 20-25 times elected is indispensable. Rule 6: All of the shoulder exercises should elect start. Elected before the beam can increase the deltoid muscle, strength and size of beam. I use the Smith apparatus (also used the bar) do anterior elected, this is a good development of the deltoid muscle in the beam before the action, then the Dumbbell Lateral Raise, looking at birds, and finally the boat upright. Rule 7: the revision is very important. I often twice a week training in various parts. If your shoulder is very powerful, may try to stimulate this area twice a week. If your shoulders should strive to develop, then practice once a week deltoid enough. Rule 8: focus on the technical movements. Should be strictly correct to do every movement. Please note that I made the following action description, carefully trained, you will be able to turn out to be better deltoid. Barbell choose: You can use the Smith device or the bar to do this action. Pushing up the bar to the highest point, and then delegate first thoracic location. To strictly control the completion of each elected, do not go too fast, or muscle stretch and contraction are not completely. Rebound in the action depends on the strength of the bottom is not pushed from the bar, it is recommended to do two warm-up exercise 20-25 times, 10-15 times 4 groups of formal training. Flat dumbbell held before the turn: I was on the bench inclined to do this action to enhance resistance. This is a challenging action, of course, I have done stand up before the peace move. Holding dumbbell in front thigh, hand held dumbbells slowly to the head before the high position, control, after decentralization, on the other hand began to move. Many bodybuilders will dumbbells on the lateral thigh, so that when the former held easily leveraging, not desirable. Deltoid isolation exercises for the toe, should be put in front of dumbbells on your lap. This action did 3 sets of 10 to 15. Dumbbell Lateral Raise: sitting or standing can be. Before the start of dumbbells on the body, then slowly raised to the side, to the arm parallel to the ground. Then the deltoid muscle in the beam to be completely tightened. Then control the weight slowly flat. Pitfalls of this action is to use too much weight, so can not control the weight in the peak contraction. This action made four groups, each 10-15 times. Bent birds: the same flat move, as you can on the inclined bench to do. Oblique prone position on the bench, holding dumbbells perpendicular to the lateral to the lateral lifting dumbbells, and as much as possible after the show, and then control the devolution restored. Many people do this action too hastily, to pay attention to controlling weight. If you do not reach a sufficient height to dumbbells, it will reduce the beam after the stimulation of the deltoid muscle. This action did 3 sets of 10-15 times. Upright rowing: You can also use dumbbells to do this action. Do better with a barbell control action. Straight arm holding bell in front, grip distance of 10 cm. And then to keep the bar close to your body, slowly pull up to the height of the nose, reduction. For this exercise, many people do not reach a sufficient height, and no delegation in the end. Decentralization in the end is to better stretch the muscles. When Bell mentioned that control of rhythm, keeping the trunk upright, and let the Lord be the maximum muscle stimulation training and promoting its growth. This action did 3 sets of 10-15 times.



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