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Training in how their home leg muscles

Ryan_Ray2010-04-13 05:10:30 +0000 #1
RT, a dumbbell, then basically the upper limb muscles can be trained to the. Ah such as how to train lower extremity hip, thigh, calf or something, once the summer, I hope to do when looking at very thin shorts, please master guiding.
w344402010-04-13 05:25:52 +0000 #2
to some extent, single-leg strength training in some difficulty.

But if someone can meet much easier. Such as: back people squat. That is, to meet the staff back in the back, do squat, leg muscles can be trained.

Some of the gym equipment is a specialized practice some hip, big calf muscle, I suggest you to try.

Need to remind you that physical training should focus on gradual, persistent. In the initial training, you can decide according to their own physical weight you need to gradually increase to a certain amount, you'll naturally have a body building muscle.

Another point in the training required before warm-up (a lot of people know this) but in training, you need to relax the muscles, because muscle tension in the long Xia, if Fangsong make muscles stiff, no flexibility.

Hope my answer can give you help.
PrinCrystallau2010-04-13 05:32:06 +0000 #3
squat and lunge down can exercise lower limb muscles. But think that if the LZ is too slow, it is recommended to use a treadmill.



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